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  • How to read an investment termsheet: Part 1 - The valuation

    07 December 2016

    David Willbe has written a piece for Startup Grind.

  • Partners profit share can be forfeited for breach of duty

    30 November 2016

    The High Court has recently ruled that a partner or LLP member, who commits a breach of fiduciary duty, may forfeit any part of his profit share which constitutes remuneration.

  • Are your board minutes up to scratch

    30 November 2016

    In the absence of substantive advice or regulation on minute taking at meetings of a company’s board of directors, ICSA (the Governance Institute for Company Secretaries) has published guidance on this. The guidance states that minutes should “provide an accurate, impartial and balanced internal record of the business transacted at a meeting.”

  • Electronic signing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

    30 November 2016

    Chances are you use an electronic signature (e-signature) every day. Typing in a pin number or using a bank security token to create an identifying code are both forms of e-signature used by businesses and consumers on a daily basis.

  • Sales and Brexit Protecting against uncertainty in uncertain times

    14 November 2016

    David Willbe has a written a piece for 'Bluebox'.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the case of the vanishing director

    30 August 2016

    Any good director knows that they have a duty to act in accordance with the company's articles of association. These dictate how directors should be appointed and removed, how shares are transferred and how key decisions should be made. Yet real life isn’t always that neat in practice. So what happens if a company discovers that it has invalidly appointed directors over the past twelve years? A recent judgment tells us that company articles can be amended by conduct – but warns that your articles can still come back to bite you in the end.

  • Brexit - Some thoughts on the impact on financial services

    05 August 2016

    On 23 June 2016, 52% of voters in the UK referendum voted ‘Yes’ to the proposition that the UK should ‘leave the European Union’. The UK remains a member of the European Union (“EU”) until Brexit occurs, and therefore there will be no immediate change to the legal relationship the UK has with the EU and with individual EU Member States. Nonetheless, as the other articles in this briefing section indicate, the longer-term consequences of leaving the EU are potentially far reaching, although behind the already well-worn cliché of “Brexit means Brexit” lie many possibilities for the future relationship of the UK with the EU.

  • What is “MAR”? And what changes has it introduced for listed companies?

    02 August 2016

    The EU Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014) (MAR) became directly applicable and effective in the UK from 3 July 2016, replacing the previous UK civil market abuse regime. While there is little change in the headline rules and terminology, the new regime has introduced more detailed regulation that listed companies and their advisers, directors, and others who discharge managerial responsibilities must now address.

  • Confirmation Statements - what you need to know in a nutshell

    22 July 2016

    From 30 June 2016, the Annual Return (or Companies House Form AR01) has been replaced by the Confirmation Statement (or Companies House Form CS01).

  • Après le closing

    19 May 2016

    Contrôle et obligations post-acquisition dans les transactions franco-britanniques

  • Lewis Silkin advises Systra Group on its acquisition of SIAS Ltd

    04 May 2016

    Lewis Silkin’s French Desk advised long-standing client Systra Group, the world leader for public transport infrastructure, on its acquisition of the British company SIAS Ltd.

  • Africa's 'explosive growth' in adspend

    11 May 2015

    Following their attendance at last month's IAA 'Africa Rising' conference in Ghana, Boko Inyundo and Paul Rajput's article on why and how big brands are taking the continent seriously, has been featured by leading advertising industry magazine, Campaign.

  • Lewis Silkin advises Publicis Worldwide on acquisition of shopper marketing agency, Vivid Brand

    06 May 2015

    Lewis Silkin has advised Publicis Groupe's agency network Publicis Worldwide, one of the leading global creative agency networks, on its acquisition of shopper marketing agency, Vivid Brand, adding to its portfolio of agencies within the Publicis Worldwide network in the UK.

  • Résolutions spéciales requises par le Companies Act 2006

    20 April 2015

    Les décisions ci-dessous ne peuvent être passées que par les actionnaires détenant au moins 75% des droits de vote.

  • Les statuts d une societe anglais

    26 March 2015

    Que vous soyez dirigeant français d’une société anglaise à responsabilité limitée (« limited ») récemment achetée, investisseur intéressé par une prise de participation majoritaire dans une limited ou tout simplement une société française actionnaire majoritaire d’une limited, cet article est fait pour vous ! Il vous permettra de comprendre comment fonctionnent les statuts ou « articles of association » d’une limited, comment les lire et les écueils à éviter…

  • A difficult few weeks in the City of London

    25 August 2012

    Owen Watkins is interviewed by L'Echo on the recent problems many of London's financial institutions have faced.

  • Lewis Silkin advises Havas on acquisition of Creative Lynx, top digital health and wellness communications agency

    15 June 2012

    Lewis Silkin has advised leading global advertising and communications services group Havas on the acquisition of a majority stake in the leading European digital health and wellness communications agency, Creative Lynx.

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