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  • Pros and cons of fighting the Euribor settlements


    04 December 2013

    Commenting in a Financial News article, Owen Watkins discusses the news that whilst a number of large financial institutions are planning to settle over the alleged rigging of Euribor lending rates, a few have refused.

  • Limiting liability


    29 October 2013

    In an article for Managing Partner, Miguel Pereira considers the differences between LLP and limited company structures in restricting the liability of owners.

  • Association of Partnership Practitioners AGM


    28 May 2013

    Fergus Payne, Joint Head of our Partnerships and LLP team, recently spoke at the APP (Association of Partnership Practitioners) AGM. A synopsis of his pre-dinner speech was included in the most recent APP newsletter and is available to read in this article.

  • Banks too big to jail? Lawyers say Lenders above the Law


    18 December 2012

    Owen Watkins discusses the idea that criminal prosecution of investment banks is too difficult to take on in an article for the International Business Times.

  • Lewis Silkin advises London Advertising on initiative launched by Prime Minister


    04 December 2012

    Corporate Partner Paul Rajput is leading the Lewis Silkin team supporting London Advertising, whose competition has attracted interest from over 1,500 people in 60 countries.

  • Secret Libor Committee Clings to Anonymity After Rigging Scandal


    21 August 2012

    Owen Watkins comments in the Bloomberg article about the annonymous British Bankers’ Association’s Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Committee.

  • Diamond Pays Penalty for Being First Mover in Libor Probe


    04 July 2012

    Owen Watkins comments on Bloomberg's article regarding Barclays losing three top executives, $5 billion of market value, sparking a government inquiry and saving itself £25.5 million in fines by being the first to settle a probe over the rigging of global interest rates.

  • Catching the Next 'London Whale': New Rules Could Push Derivatives Markets East


    21 June 2012

    Owen Watkins comments on the International Business Times article regarding the US, UK and European regulation chiefs pledge to crackdown on risk management within derivatives trading, and tighter cross-border trading regulations in order to prevent a repeat of JP Morgan's major "London Whale" event loss, but which could inadvertently cause regulatory arbitrage.

  • Insider Trading Risk Surrounds Facebook Stock Debut as Morgan Stanley Hits Back at Subpoena


    23 May 2012

    A state subpoena issued to Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter on the Facebook IPO, and a class-action lawsuit filed against Morgan Stanley, its IPO banking team, the Nasdaq OMX Group and Facebook itself could land certain investors and analysts in deeper legal difficultly, Owen Watkins told the IBTimes UK.

  • LLPs 10 years on


    08 May 2012

    Fergus Payne discusses the last 10 years of the limitied liability partnerships (LLPs) which were introduced in April 2001, in his article for the Law Society Gazette.

  • Pakistan: Frontier challenges


    27 January 2012

    Investors are constantly trying to identify the next country that will offer access to world-class, untapped, mining opportunities. Often this means operating in challenging conflict or post-conflict environments.

  • The Need For Seed


    04 January 2012

    Abandoned by the venture capital industry in the era of cheap debt and easy returns, early-stage finance is making a comeback. GrowthBusiness talks to investors active in the space, and some of the exciting ventures that have succeeded in raising funds. The full article can be read on

  • Lewis Silkin bolsters corporate team with two hires


    03 November 2011

    City law firm Lewis Silkin LLP today announced that Graham Reid has joined as partner in the firm’s corporate practice as of 31 October.

  • UK Trade Mission works towards doubling trade with Pakistan


    13 September 2011

    Nadim Khan is one of the lead coordinators with a UK trade mission representing the financial and mining sectors, which began their weeklong visit programme to Pakistan today.

  • Raising finance in London


    09 February 2009

    Initial public offerings are not the only way to raise money in London writes Nadim Khan in the Mining Journal article.

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