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  • ..a little bit of law - Cleansing 3rd Party Rights


    01 March 2013

    A spanner in the works Getting a development proposal off the ground (no pun intended) can be difficult for a whole host of reasons.

  • The Great British immigration scandal


    27 February 2013

    In an article for Management Today, Mary Croydon discusses Silicon Roundabout's rich, cosmopolitan identity but is concerned about the squeezing of entry routes into the UK for overseas talent. Mary goes on to warn that unless companies find ways to overcome these hurdles in order to attract the brightest and the best, it is questionable how long Silicon Roundabout will remain open for business.

  • European carve up


    25 February 2013

    In an article for the New Zealand Rugby Players' Association (NZRPA), Scott Anderson discusses a feud which is threatening the future of Europe’s premier club rugby competition, the Heineken Cup. Although ostensibly about the structure of the Cup, is the dispute really about who can claim a larger slice of the European club rugby revenue pie?

  • It ain't over yet : reflections on recent punishments for LIBOR-rigging


    15 February 2013

    Owen Watkins considers some of the implications of the LIBOR interbank interest rate-rigging scandal in an article for Wealth Briefing.

  • Alex Kelham's appointment is covered in City A.M.


    14 February 2013

    Senior Associate Alex Kelham's appointment has been mentioned in this morning's City A.M. 'City Moves' section.

  • Senior LOCOG lawyer joins Lewis Silkin


    12 February 2013

    Alex Kelham brings Olympic and Paralympic experience to enhance the firm’s sports and brand management expertise.

  • Can we stop our former multichannel director disclosing our strategy to her new retail employer?


    08 February 2013

    James Walters discusses the possibility of former employees disclosing sensitive company information and how best to approach it in an article for Retail Week.

  • EU data protection proposals - implications for employment


    07 February 2013

    Steven Lorber discusses the impact of the Data Protection Regulation for employers, and explains how EU lawmakers are ducking employment issues.

  • Rules of eviction


    07 February 2013

    Paul Hayes encourages Housing Officers to be aware of the recently outlined principles for Article 8 defences, citing a recent case, in an article for Inside Housing.

  • Why government reforms on employment law make little sense


    28 January 2013

    In a Law Gazette article, Michael Burd discusses new governmental employment reforms and mentions how, in some aspects, they may actually be doing the opposite of what they set out to do.

  • Government limits unfair dismissal awards to a year's salary


    21 January 2013

    James Davies comments on new limits on unfair dismissal awards in a Solicitors Journal article.

  • What can brands learn from Instagram?


    21 January 2013

    In an article for The Guardian's Media Network, Jo Farmer discusses the perils of using user generated content (UGC) and the lessons Facebook and Instagram have learnt as a result.

  • Organising chaos: Creating electronic matter files


    18 January 2013

    In an article written for Managing Partner, Jan DeCerce discusses how she created user-friendly electronic matter files at Lewis Silkin. Due to the sheer volume of information that the firm deals with every day, it was necessary for the firm to find a system that uses the familiarity of Microsoft Outlook and combine it with our document management system. The answer to this was BAInsight's TotalView for Legal.

  • Motivating shop floor staff


    18 January 2013

    Laura Farnsworth discusses the changes in buying habits and how this affects shop workers in an article for Retail Week.

  • Legal Moves mentions new partner appointment of James Gill


    17 January 2013

    James' appointment has also now appeared in Legal Moves.

  • The Lawyer covers the appointment of James Gill


    14 January 2013

    The Lawyer mentions Lewis Silkin's appointment of Partner James Gill to the Media, Brands and Technology team.

  • Let's not lose disabled talent


    11 January 2013

    Richard Miskella urges all to make the Paralympic legacy last in an article for Broadcast.

  • Workplace rights : General strikes


    03 January 2013

    Michael Burd and James Davies discuss anti-austerity unrest and explain where the law stands on general strikes in an article for Management Today.

  • Ways to keep the door open


    31 December 2012

    In an article for Marketing Week, Simon Morrissey says brands, as well as consumers, should welcome clarification in the General Data Protection Regulation law and standardisation across the continent.

  • Prohibition on third party ownership : analysis


    28 December 2012

    In an article for World Sports Law Report, Karish Andrews and Iain McDonald discuss the current rules surrounding third-party ownership in football and assess whether banning it would be feasible.

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