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  • High Court dismisses Pimlico plumbers challenge to Deliveroo contract

    15 June 2018

    In the latest development regarding “worker status” and the “gig economy”, and applying this week’s earlier Supreme Court decision in Pimlico Plumbers, the High Court has rejected the Independent Workers of Great Britain trade union application for a judicial review of the Central Arbitration Committee’s decision that Deliveroo riders are not “workers” based on the terms of Deliveroo’s “substitution clause”.

  • Supreme Court says Pimlico Plumbers are workers

    13 June 2018

    In the latest major development in a series of cases on employment status, the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Pimlico Plumbers and confirmed that a “self-employed” plumber should have been classed a worker.

  • CEO pay ratio reporting coming soon

    12 June 2018

    Good news for fans of gender pay gap reporting who work for UK-listed companies – executive pay gap reporting will soon be added to your to-do list as well.

  • You’ve started – so you’ll finish

    11 June 2018

    Claimants commencing proceedings in the Courts of England and Wales may not be able to end those proceedings simply by serving a notice of discontinuance and can be required to take the matter to trial. In this case the claimants were not permitted to discontinue their claim for the recognition and enforcement of an arbitration award under the New York Convention.

  • Fusions-Acquisitions au Royaume Uni : 1er trimestre 2018: quelles tendances ?

    07 June 2018

    Dans un précédent article, nous avions regardé les statistiques des transactions concernant des sociétés britanniques en 2017.

  • Kathryn Weaver comments for Playtimes Hong Kong on the length of paternity leave

    07 June 2018

    Kathryn comments for Playtimes Hong Kong concerning the fact that the government is still debating the length of paternity leave, and why it's so low compared to other countries.

  • New IR35 rules coming to the private sector soon

    05 June 2018

    The Government has launched a consultation to tackle non-compliance with the IR35 regime in the private sector.

  • Political and religious views of sports stars - balancing contractual restrictions with human rights

    01 June 2018

    Sports personalities are often subject to sporting rules that restrict their ability to make political statements or promote religious ideology when competing. Furthermore, contractual provisions can also mean that statements made in their personal capacity while off duty, for example on social media, can lead to disciplinary action or worse. Can such restrictions be challenged on the basis of human rights? Does it make a difference if the athlete genuinely holds the views (e.g. because of religious or cultural beliefs)?

  • Japan’s #metoo movement

    30 May 2018

    The #metoo movement has been slow to gain traction in Japan. There have been few reported cases about sexual harassment involving public figures...until recently.

  • GDPR incoming! Some challenges from an immigration perspective

    24 May 2018

    GDPR. Four letters currently dominating the thoughts of every company in Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force tomorrow, Friday 25 May 2018.

  • Dispute Resolution Update - May 2018

    24 May 2018

    Welcome to the May 2018 Dispute Resolution Update which brings you news and our views on law and practice for dispute resolution. We’ve included articles on domestic disputes and international disputes, including summaries of recent cases. We have also included client guides on key aspects of dispute resolution.

  • Supreme Court upholds requirement to record variations in writing

    24 May 2018

    Rock Advertising Limited v MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited is an important case. In fact, the opening paragraph of Lord Sumption’s judgment describes it as an “exceptional” appeal, raising “truly fundamental issues” of contract law.

  • Irish abortion referendum produces toxic mix of politics and advertising

    23 May 2018

    On a recent trip to Dublin, what struck me most, was the sight of lampposts festooned with 2 or even 3 separate, competing ads 'for' and 'against' the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Irish constitution, which bans abortion. The referendum on its repeal takes place this Friday (25th May) while the rest of the EU frets about GDPR implementation.

  • Construction Law Update – Fighting back against “Smash and Grab” Adjudications

    21 May 2018

    The case of Grove Developments Ltd v S&T (UK) Ltd (February 2018) is worthy of note, not least because it potentially provides employers with a quick means of reclaiming the loss suffered, following a “smash and grab” adjudication by starting its own adjudication on the true value.

  • Appeal judgment confirms Addison Lee cycle couriers are workers

    17 May 2018

    In the latest decision on employment status in the gig economy, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) has dismissed an appeal by Addison Lee against an Employment Tribunal (“ET”) decision that its cycle couriers were “workers” and so entitled to holiday pay.

  • Five in 5

    15 May 2018

    A series of five hints, tips and thoughts you should definitely remember as part of your sponsor reporting obligations.

  • Liquidator loses protection of a freezing order following serious failings at earlier ex parte hearing

    14 May 2018

    In Banca Turco Romana S.A. (in liquidation) v Cortuk and Others, the Commercial Court in London has underlined the need for applicants to give full and frank disclosure when seeking relief at ex parte (without notice) hearings.

  • Smart Cities and Renewable Energy

    14 May 2018

    In the time before smart cities, electricity by and large was generated by burning fossil fuels in relatively remote locations before being transmitted via high-voltage power lines to population centres.

  • Smart Cities – Lessons from Smart City Developments around the World

    09 May 2018

    Smart Cities elicit images of skyscrapers, satellite dishes and high tech gadgetry coupled with large scale broadband infrastructure, wireless networks and mobile devices. But a Smart City is much more than just technological networks; it is actually how a city uses new technologies for the benefit of its citizens and becomes more efficient in the process.

  • Failing to enhance pay for shared parental leave may be indirect sex discrimination

    04 May 2018

    The EAT has indicated that enhancing maternity pay, but not pay for taking shared parental leave, may give rise to an indirect sex discrimination claim by fathers. This follows last month’s EAT decision that a failure to pay a father enhanced pay for shared parental leave was not direct sex discrimination.

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