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  • Business Rates


    20 August 2015

    If you own or use commercial premises, the chances are you will be liable to pay business rates.

  • Stadium naming rights deals – Top 10 tips


    17 July 2015

    Naming rights deals are one of the most complex forms of sponsorship agreements. This inbrief guide seeks to get rights holders thinking about all the key issues which will need to be included in the agreement, before they negotiate any deal

  • The Law of Privacy


    08 June 2015

    The protection of privacy which embodies our law of confidentiality has become increasingly important. Together with the law of defamation, privacy and confidentiality are vital rights for individuals and corporations, especially when well known figures and celebrities attract so much attention.

  • Online content: risks and rewards


    05 June 2015

    With digital content becoming ever more popular and users becoming more sophisticated, all those involved in the online publishing industry need to be aware of the risks that come with the rewards of digital content.

  • ...a little bit of law - The Private Rented Sector


    19 May 2015

    At its widest, the private rented sector in the UK comprises any property that is privately owned and which is rented to individuals as their principal home.

  • The Bribery Act 2010 and its impact on the advertising industry


    27 April 2015

    It has been called the ‘toughest bribery legislation in the world’ and has been rumoured to spell the end for corporate hospitality, media rebates and the client lunch, but what are the real implications of the Bribery Act 2010 for the advertising industry?

  • Contests, games and draws: The UK sales promotion law


    15 April 2015

    The Gambling Act 2005, which came into force on 1st September 2007, includes a number of provisions that impact directly upon the legality of promotional contests, games and draws in the UK. It does not extend to Northern Ireland, however, which can have significant consequences.

  • Protecting your reputation via your legal and regulatory rights


    05 April 2015

    “The exercise of restraint over the media by means of the threat and/or use of all available legal and regulatory mechanisms” - The deinition of Meda Management

  • Digital media in advertising


    03 April 2015

    The growing importance of digital media and digital distribution methods in the advertising industry reflects the significant impact that the digital world has had on society in general over the last 10 years or so. New technology has not only created new ways in which advertising agencies can communicate to the public, but it has also enabled them to implement cheaper, more efficient and more targeted campaigns than was previously possible using solely analogue media and traditional distribution methods.

  • Digital Agencies - A guide to managing legal risk


    03 April 2015

    Agencies need to consider a number of legal and commercial issues when providing digital services to their clients. We outline some of the key legal issues below. However, we are offering new clients a 45 minute initial meeting free of charge to discuss their particular circumstances.

  • ...a little bit of law - Data Protection


    01 March 2015

    Personal information collected by organisations in the housing sector, especially by Registered Providers (RPs), is often extremely sensitive. Therefore, the sector must be particularly scrupulous when it comes to data handling.

  • Brussels Regulation (recast): How has it changed?


    20 January 2015

    The Brussels Regulation, which contains the rules governing jurisdiction and enforcement issues in civil and commercial matters for EU member states, has been the subject of an extensive period of review resulting in a recast regulation.

  • ...a little bit of law - Excluding Liability


    02 September 2014

    It is common for certain kinds of contract to include clauses which seek to exclude or limit liability.

  • Section 106 Agreements - a note for anyone developing land


    01 March 2014

    When granting planning permission for development, local planning authorities often impose planning obligations on the party promoting the development. These obligations are usually contained in what are known as Section 106 Agreements or Planning Agreements – separate legal agreements that sit alongside the planning permission. Those agreements will, generally, bind the land to which the planning permission relates – so anyone who owns that land will be bound by the obligations.

  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)


    03 January 2014

    The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published on 27 March 2012 by the Department for Communities and Local Government. It sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these should be applied. What is it, and does it help or hinder development?

  • Contracting Authorities and Public Procurement: Mitigating the consequences of challenges


    27 November 2013

    This guide for contracting authorities looks at the steps that a contracting authority can take to mitigate the risks and consequences of challenges for alleged breaches of EU procurement rules brought under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

  • Boundaries


    20 October 2013

    The purpose of this guide is to help you should you need to identify the extent of a site or ownership and responsibility of boundaries.

  • ...a little bit of law - Judicial Review & Planning 


    09 October 2013

    You’ve applied for planning; you’ve seen the councillors at the planning committee approve your application; you’ve collected your planning permission from the council offices.

  • Guernsey Image Rights


    27 September 2013

    Famous sportspeople, entertainers The Bailiwick of Guernsey, the small British Crown dependency in the English Channel known as an offshore tax haven, has achieved a ‘world first’ by establishing a unique registered image rights regime.

  • A New Era for Consumer Rights


    20 September 2013

    It has long been recognised that UK consumer law is not clear enough. Even the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) website says it is out of date, confusing and incomplete.

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