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  • Delay and completion


    27 May 2013

    While the phrase “practical completion” and other similar phrases, such as “substantial completion” are often used in construction contracts, many do not in fact define what it is.

  • Human Rights and Tolerated Trespassers


    27 April 2013

    The Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (the “2008 Act”) abolished, or at least attempted to prevent the creation of further “Tolerated Trespassers” but it appears that the Tolerated Trespasser has risen from the dead in a different guise.

  • The BOA recognition licence for London 2012 suppliers


    14 April 2013

    This inbrief looks at the background to the restrictions placed on London 2012 suppliers, considers the benefits of signing up to the British Olympic Association’s regime, and highlights some top tips to help suppliers stay within the new rules.

  • Service Charges: Qualifying Long Term Agreements


    10 April 2013

    Registered Providers of Social Housing (“RPs”) now provide residential tenants with more services than they ever did .This has resulted in somewhat of a shift over recent years.

  • ..a little bit of law - Cleansing 3rd Party Rights


    01 March 2013

    A spanner in the works Getting a development proposal off the ground (no pun intended) can be difficult for a whole host of reasons.

  • Break Clauses


    20 November 2012

    A break clause allows a tenant to terminate their lease early, usually subject to certain conditions. This note explains how to get it right every time.

  • ...a little bit of law - Collateral Warranties


    01 November 2012

    A warranty is essentially a promise made by one party (the warrantor) to another (the beneficiary).

  • Housing Benefit - Exemption accommodation


    27 October 2012

    Generally speaking the cost of providing independent living schemes (so that individuals with support needs do not have to live in residential homes) is greater than general needs schemes and in order to make schemes financially viable providers need to charge higher rents.

  • Comparative advertising


    03 October 2012

    Comparative advertising, also called ‘knocking copy’, is any advertising which explicitly or by implication identifies a competitor or goods or services offered by a competitor. It is not necessary to name a competitor in order for an advertisement to qualify as a comparative advertisement.

  • Shared Ownership Leases


    03 October 2012

    Shared ownership leases are one method by which housing providers can provide affordable housing. This inbrief will outline some of the legal issues surrounding this type of lease.

  • Terminal Dilapidations


    25 July 2012

    In tough times, dilapidations claims become more important to both landlords and tenants. Indeed it is a “booming business” and the RICS have estimated that the value of dilaps claims in England and Wales is around £3.36 billion per annum. This guide provides an introductory overview of the subject.

  • ...a little bit of law - Joint Ventures


    19 June 2012

    When you are developing a site, a joint venture can be a good way of sharing expertise and assets - so that each party ends up with a better result than they would have done had they tried to ‘go it alone’. It can be a ‘win win’ rather than a ‘zero sum game’.

  • School land and premises: due diligence for academies transactions - the options


    01 May 2012

    For schools looking to convert to academies status, it is important to understand the options in terms of the levels and types of land and premises due diligence that should or could be carried out.

  • ...a little bit of law - Green Leases


    19 April 2012

    Since the Climate Change Act 2008, energy efficiency has been increasingly on the up.

  • ...a little bit of law - Localism


    19 March 2012

    The Localism Act received royal assent on 15 November 2011 and this edition of ... a little bit of law summarises the most significant sections of the Act.

  • Software apps and patent trolls: Should you be afraid?


    16 March 2012

    For a very long time there has been a debate as to whether software is better protected by copyright or by patents. The State Street Bank case in 1998 (State Street Bank v. Signature Financial Group, 149 F.3d 1368) (Fed. Cir. 1998) opened the floodgates to software patents in the US and it is only recently (due to In re Bilski, 545 F.3d 943, 88 U.S.P.Q.2d 1385 (Fed. Cir. 2008) and some other cases) that the flow has moderated a little. Over the same period, many thousands of software patents have been granted in Europe

  • Sponsorship


    07 March 2012

    Sponsorship is booming. As brandowners increasingly understand the power of well executed sponsorship not only are fees on an upward trajectory but also the opportunities. Those involved in this area need an understanding of the key contractual and intellectual property issues. inbrief

  • ...a little bit of law - Rights to Light


    19 February 2012

    A right to light is a right to receive natural light across someone else’s land into a window or other opening in a building.

  • ...a little bit of law - Back to Basics


    01 November 2011

    There are certain basic steps that apply to almost all transactions involving the acquisition of land.

  • ...a little bit of law - Heads of Terms


    19 April 2011

    There’s nothing technical about Heads of Terms, or HoTs as we like to call them.

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