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China Desk

Lewis Silkin’s China Desk offers clients bespoke legal services coupled with language skills and a deep understanding of the culture and needs of clients.

The China Desk is led by Li Xiang, a native Chinese-speaking UK qualified lawyer specialising in Business and Private Immigration. Li has extensive experience in working for many leading Chinese and Asian companies in the UK on a broad range of immigration and other legal matters.

Dealing with complex legal matters in a foreign language can be challenging. Lewis Silkin’s clients can communicate in Chinese to ease their concerns.

Advisers who understand the markets you operate in having worked in both China and the UK

  • Access to highly professional and experienced advisers
  • Relationships with other government agencies to help keep you abreast of legislative challenges and opportunities
  • Advice tailored to your size, sector and geography
  • Cultural understanding

We can support both Chinese companies expanding into the UK as well as UK companies that are seeking to do business in China. We have provided an outline of our services below, although we would be more than happy to have an initial conversation with you to discuss how we can help you.

The China Desk can advise clients on the following issues:

  • Employment
  • Business immigration
  • Commercial/Corporate
  • Brands & Intellectual property


Lewis Silkin 的中国服务窗口使用中文为客户提供量体裁衣的法律服务,对中国文化和客户的需求有深度的理解。

项莉, 中国籍英国注册律师领导中国服务窗口。 她为多家顶尖中国公司和有影响力的亚洲企业提供英国移民和其他法律服务有着多年经验。

用外语处理复杂的法律问题时常是具有挑战性的。Lewis Silkin的客户可以用中文和律师交流,以便于消除他们的担心的顾虑。


  • 有着专业资深律师和法律顾问;
  • 和各政府要员以及办事处有着良好的关系,为客户提供最新法律动态和创业机会;
  • 提供量体裁衣的法律服务;
  • 对中国文化和客户的需求有深度的理解


  • 劳动法咨询;
  • 商业以及个人移民;
  • 商法咨询;
  • 知识产权咨询。


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