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Immigration issues in Advertising

Our team guides employers through the hurdles of bringing staff into the UK and the US, and facilitates the movement of employees globally.

Our experience allows us to quickly assess eligibility and to spot issues before they develop into problems, providing clients with practical and commercial solutions.

Within the advertising and marketing sector we particularly advise agencies on the transfer of key personnel and creatives to their UK offices for advertising campaigns and other time-bound projects and advising start up agencies on how to join the register of sponsors in order to employ migrants from overseas.

Our services include:

  • advising on all aspects of the Points-Based System and assisting with the sponsor registration process
  • work and business routes including those for sponsored workers, business visitors, permitted paid engagement visitors, investors, entrepreneurs, high value migrants and representatives of overseas businesses
  • European applications such as family permits and permanent residence and other applications including dependent family members and British nationality
  • prevention of illegal working including audits of right to work documents, staff training, hotline services and objections to fines
  • challenging decisions including appeals and judicial reviews
  • specifically for businesses looking to expand into the US, we can assist with strategic planning to enable their expansions into the US in addition to the application of non-immigrant (L-1, E-1/E-2, O-1/O-2, H-1B etc) visas to the US for employees transferring either temporarily or on a permanent basis
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