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Retail, Hospitality & Leisure

The retail, hospitality and leisure sectors live or die by consumer tastes, brand loyalty and spending power, all of which can fluctuate dramatically on a regular basis.

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The revolution we’ve seen in recent years, fuelled by new technologies which has altered buying patterns and opened up competition, has forced businesses to constantly adapt and find new ways to reach out to customers, drive sales and defend their businesses and brands.

Divergent trends abound, such as the rise of experiential retail vs the boom in e-commerce, or fast-fashion vs artisan products. The need for sector-savvy legal expertise to guide businesses through these complexities has never been greater.

Lewis Silkin Retail Hospitality & Leisure

For us, retail, hospitality and leisure are core focuses of our business. We support major household names and niche businesses, advising on matters as diverse as: licensing brands or designs; securing prime high-street real estate; managing a diverse and transient workforce; drafting supplier contracts;  dealing with disputes; launching interactive video solutions; social media marketing;  wearable tech; multi and omni channel platforms.

For sectors that never stand still and are driven by innovation and disruption, the insight we offer our clients is second to none. That’s why some of the world’s most recognised traditional and online retailers, restaurant chains, drinks brands, fitness and wellness providers, fashion houses and hotels trust us to advise them.

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