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Property & Venue Management

Our team’s expertise and experience covers all aspects of the property life cycle from planning, construction and development through to acquisitions, disposals and asset management.

In sport this includes providing planning and development advice on stadia, arenas, and training grounds as well as mixed use developments and leisure schemes. We also negotiate venue use agreements, from use for ad hoc events through to major Games.

Our team brings together specialists in real estate law with experts in corporate, financing, construction, investment, tax, regulatory issues, planning, litigation and asset management.  Our specialist real estate lawyers in our Sports Business Group have a rich experience in the sports sector. They include individuals who’ve worked in house for major events managing complex deals across multiple venues with numerous stakeholders, and others who’ve been intimately involved in some of the biggest sports stadia planning schemes.

Lewis Silkin Sports Business Property and Venue Management

Our understanding of the sector and the competing interests of the various parties involved in sports related property deals means we can provide a holistic approach. We offer insight from across the market to provide practical solutions. We are also very commercial in our approach and regularly advise on related matters such as stadia naming rights sponsorship deals.

Examples of our work include advising:

  • a football club on the major redevelopment of a stand in their stadium, providing property and planning advice, including the acquisition of land and taking licenses from the Port of London Authority, to enable the structure to be extended onto the river-bed, including an Embanking Licence and a River Works Licence
  • a Premier League club on various property and planning issues including the lease grant for part of its head office
  • on a stadium naming rights deal for a Premiership rugby club

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