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Shareholder & Joint Venture Arrangements

Advising on and negotiating shareholders’ agreements – often a “must have” where there is more than one shareholder - is something we do on almost a daily basis, particularly for our owner-managed business clients.

The setting up of a joint venture involves consideration of:

  • contractual structures
  • corporate and/or LLP vehicles
  • tax efficient structuring

Joint ventures often provide the appropriate solution and structure for a specific business venture. We help in the choice of the appropriate joint venture vehicle and deal with its tax efficient structuring, associated funding and member arrangements.

Our work includes:

  • drafting shareholder and joint venture agreements
  • advising on minority protections
  • articles of association
  • joint venture choice and structuring

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Why have tailored articles of association and even a shareholders agreement

09 June 2016

If you are setting up a company with your business partner, you may be tempted to rely solely on the statutory default articles of association for private companies limited by shares (the Model Articles) to govern the internal procedures of the company, and the corporate relationship between you. These notes show why you really should consider having articles that are tailored to your circumstances, and even a shareholders’ agreement, between you and your partner - even if you wouldn’t dream of falling out with him or her.

Lewis Silkin advises StoryFirst on joint venture with Pinewood Group plc

26 January 2016

Lewis Silkin has advised StoryFirst PST Limited, the independent media investment company on its joint venture with leading provider of studio and related services to the global film and television industry, Pinewood Group plc.

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