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Data & Privacy

In today’s information-fuelled world, data can hold the key to generating competitive advantage.

Companies can differentiate themselves through exploiting their proprietary data and utilising customer information to bring new and more tailored products and services to market, boost brand loyalty and grow market share. However, as recent cybersecurity breaches, data protection failures and privacy issues have shown, there are significant risks involved too. Data flows are increasingly international in nature and delivered through a multitude of platforms, channels and stakeholders making legal compliance more challenging than ever before.

Lewis Silkin Advertising & Marketing Data Protection and Privacy

In this environment, legal guidance which is not only tailored to clients’ particular circumstances but is also viewed in a wider context is key. We don’t see data protection and privacy as a standalone issue, regularly bringing to bear valuable skills sets embedded within our team to address client challenges.  This includes market-leading IP and employment expertise, and in depth experience across the advertising & marketing, media & entertainment, tech, retail and professional services sectors. From compliance and risk management advice to monetisation of data - our advice is not just multi-disciplinary, it is multi-faceted.

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Dr Nathalie Moreno is speaking at upcoming CPDP 2017

19 January 2017

Lewis Silkin is delighted to announce that Dr Nathalie Moreno shall be speaking at the upcoming Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 2017 event in Brussels on the 27th January 2017.

Sexual portrayal of under-18s in ads

18 January 2017

Following a number of adjudications in recent years concerning the sexualised portrayal of children and young people, as well as the publication of various reports calling for action to stop the premature sexualisation of children, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has launched a consultation on the proposed introduction of new rules in the UK advertising codes prohibiting the sexual portrayal of under 18s in advertising. The consultation is open for response until 5pm 19 January 2017.

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