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With Brexit scheduled for 29 March 2019, there will be both long and short term legal implications for UK and international businesses.

Although nothing is going to change overnight, the referendum vote for the UK to leave the EU presents a host of more immediate questions around your workforce, intellectual property, data and commercial contracts, amongst other areas.

Our most recent thoughts and updates on the development of Brexit can be found here:

As we learn more about the challenges ahead for our clients, contacts and their industries, we will add to this series of updates.

We look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions or concerns relating to 'Brexit'.

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Brexit Flowchart

08 January 2018

In a major speech on 17 January 2017, the Prime Minister Theresa May set out the Government's key negotiating objectives for exiting the European Union. But what Brexit might look like (and how we actually get there) remains far from clear, with considerable uncertainty about what the UK's relationship with the EU will be like afterwards.

Supporting employees through Brexit

01 August 2017

Many UK employers are struggling to understand the potential effects of Brexit on employees who are EEA nationals or family members of EEA nationals.

GDPR and the effect of Brexit

18 May 2017

What attitude should professional services firms take to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

What does Brexit mean for UK employment law?

06 April 2017

The UK has now given formal written notice of its intention to leave the European Union. What are the short and long-term implications of this momentous decision for workplace rights in the UK?

Brexit and immigration rights and documentation of EEA nationals

31 March 2017

This article summarises the rights of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their family members and the documentation they can obtain to evidence these rights. It looks at residence requirements and points to consider when applying for citizenship.

Free trade and controlling free movement - can the UK and the EU square the circle?

25 January 2017

Much is being written about Brexit these days, but what are the possible options for the UK and the EU to reach a compromise on the issue of free movement of people allowing the UK to continue to participate in the European Single Market and the EU Customs Union?

Brexit: What is the impact on UK Real estate?

19 December 2016

Not more on Brexit, you may think. Please, no more. But this item is written as the Supreme Court considers what may be its most significant case in its history, and one which may have profound consequences. Brexit, in almost any form, will have material legal and commercial consequences. How material might they be for real estate?

Changing your mind about notice - Article 50, employment contracts and flouncing

14 November 2016

The Government may argue in the Supreme Court that its Article 50 notice to leave the European Union may be revoked, according to press reports.

Brexit legal challenge succeeds

03 November 2016

The High Court has decided that the Government does not have prerogative powers to give the Article 50 notice terminate the UK’s membership of the EU.

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