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  • Lewis Silkin launches Worksphere to provide complementary highvalue HR services


    04 October 2016

    HR News has commented on Lewis Silkin's Worksphere launch which shall provide complementary, high-value HR services and bring together leading employment and immigration lawyers and seasoned HR consultants.

  • The Lawyer Hot 100 Connect Event


    29 September 2016

    Lewis Silkin is delighted to be sponsoring The Lawyer Hot 100 event BREXIT 100 days (or so) later: A retrospective look at the past 100 days and an informed look into the future.

  • Brexit: Can English Premier League remain the richest in world football?


    19 July 2016

    Andrew Osborne, head of Lewis Silkin's Immigration practice and Sports group, has commented on a CNN article which dicusses the implications of Brexit on the English Premier League.

  • Payet Kante and Fabregas would have struggled to move to England post Brexit


    24 June 2016

    Andrew Osbourne has commented in an article for The Times which discusses the implications of post-Brexit on British football.

  • Could Brexit change the face of football in the UK?


    01 April 2016

    Andrew Osborne was interviewed by BBC news on the impact of Brexit on British football and the potential loss of access to European talent which has helped make the Premier League hugely popular.

  • Top-flight clubs warned Brexit would have far-reaching fallout


    29 March 2016

    Andrew Osborne has been quoted in an article by The Times which examines the consequences of the possible impact of Britain choosing to leave the European Union for football clubs across the country.

  • Tech entrepreneurs to David Cameron: Welcome skilled immigrants to keep the UK a global tech hub


    02 November 2015

    Olga Nechita has been quoted in an article by City A.M. on the open letter organised by the Coalition for a Digital Economy, which urges David Cameron to welcome more skilled migrants.

  • Australian winner of BBCs Apprentice must renew his visa by 2017 - or leave the UK


    23 December 2014

    Andrew Osborne has been quoted in an article by The Telegraph.

  • UK 'loses control' of immigration


    23 April 2014

    Andrew Osborne has been quoted in an article by The Times on the UK's overcomplicated immigration rules.

  • The Immigration Bill and sham marriages


    14 February 2014

    In an article for The Law Society Gazette, Samar Shams discusses the new measures on sham marriages and civil partnerships arising from the new Immigration Bill.

  • Illegal immigration: Over the top


    26 October 2013

    In an article for The Economist, Joanna Hunt discusses the Government's new immigration bill and the problems it may cause when immigrants respond to its tougher new laws.

  • International outlook of trainees threatened


    01 May 2013

    In an article for Lawyer2B, Raj Shah discusses how changes in immigration policy are making it increasingly difficult for firms to recruit immigrants as trainee solicitors. Until recently, international students could switch from the Tier 4 student migrant category to the Tier 2 category. However, changes to the Immigration Rules mean that students cannot switch from Tier 4 to Tier 2 unless they have passed a UK-recognised bachelor or master’s degree or attained certain awards in education.

  • The state of migration: employing migrant workers


    21 March 2013

    Practice Development Lawyers Samar Shams and Bethan Carney, have contributed to a report for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which explores the trends and the factors that influence employers in recruiting migrant workers. The report discusses issues such as skills shortages, the availability of UK-born workers, and ‘work ethic’.

  • The Great British immigration scandal


    27 February 2013

    In an article for Management Today, Mary Croydon discusses Silicon Roundabout's rich, cosmopolitan identity but is concerned about the squeezing of entry routes into the UK for overseas talent. Mary goes on to warn that unless companies find ways to overcome these hurdles in order to attract the brightest and the best, it is questionable how long Silicon Roundabout will remain open for business.

  • Supreme Court tells UK Borders Agency that its current immigration practices are unlawful


    19 July 2012

    The Supreme Court has ruled that a significant part of the UK Border Agency’s practice and policies for corporate immigration is unlawful. Shahram Taghavi, lead adviser and junior counsel in the case of R (Alvi) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (JCWI Intervening), comments on the judgment.

  • Supreme Court strikes down 'unlawful' immigration policies


    18 July 2012

    In a landmark decision today, the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a significant part of the UK Border Agency’s practice and policies for corporate immigration are unlawful because they were not laid before Parliament as required by the Immigration Act 1971. Instead, they were simply set out in governmental “Guidance” documents and other documents external to the Immigration Rules, rendering them unlawful.

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