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Brexit - what will it mean for employment law?

14 October 2016

After the referendum vote in favour of the UK leaving the EU, there are various possible ways in which this saga may unfold. The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said that there is no going back on the referendum result and that “Brexit means Brexit” but what might Brexit actually mean?

James Davies explains the different scenarios of how a future relationship between UK and EU might look like, in his article for LexisNexis’ Employment Law Bulletin.

You can read the article on the LexisNexis website here . Please note that subscription will be required to access the full article.

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The implications of Brexit for UK Data Protection law

21 July 2016

The UK referendum outcome to leave the European Union has opened a Pandora’s box of what the legal landscape may be in the UK after Brexit. However, such is not the case, to a great extent, for the data protection law regime which will be applicable in the UK in the post-Brexit era

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