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  • Brands & IP seminar: Stopping the Copycats

    15 November 2018

    Lewis Silkin invites you to the last event in our 2018 Brands & IP seminar series.

  • Advertising & Marketing - The new E-Privacy Regulation: Impacts and challenges for marketers and advertisers

    07 November 2018

    Whilst all the attention has been focussed on the GDPR, European legislators have been busy putting the finishing touches to the new E-Privacy Regulation.

  • LS Live: The Ticketing Panel

    03 October 2018

    Ticketing is often one of the more controversial sides of the live industry. Bots have been banned and caps and restrictions have been imposed on the secondary market. But should the issue of ticketing really be so controversial, is it the behaviour of a few that spoils it for the rest?

  • Brands & IP seminar: Pitch Perfect

    02 October 2018

    Lewis Silkin invites you to the third event in our 2018 Brands & IP seminar series.

  • Advertising & Marketing - Group Actions for misleading advertising campaigns: if not now, when?

    13 September 2018

    For some time it has been possible for consumers to seek redress directly in the face of misleading marketing campaigns.

  • HR Academy - September 2018

    10 September 2018

    Do you wish you had more time to focus on developments in employment law? Do you want to refresh your knowledge in core areas, or enhance the skills of members of your team? Would you like to learn in a practical way from specialist employment lawyers and your fellow HR professionals?

  • Boilerplate clauses - common issues and practical tips

    05 July 2018

    Boilerplate clauses are often overlooked in commercial transactions. Sometimes they are not negotiated at all. But when things go wrong, boilerplate clauses are often central to the dispute and their interpretation can be crucial when determining rights.

  • Creating a lasting change (Reading)

    04 July 2018

    2017 was the year women’s workplace issues dominated the public conversation. As the year closed, the media spotlight was firmly focused on sexual harassment and the far reaching #metoo campaign. But it hasn’t just been about sexual harassment - the Hampton-Alexander review showed that women remain under-represented at senior levels across all sectors and the pace of change needs to be accelerated.

  • Advertising & Marketing - Smart cities

    27 June 2018

    Join us for the latest in our series of seminars for the Advertising & Marketing sector. Smart Cities is a broad concept, covering all manner of innovations, from autonomous vehicles and drone deliveries to monitoring the health and well-being of employees in an office.

  • Lewis Silkin’s rockhopper service wins Best Innovation Award

    21 June 2018

    rockhopper, the pioneering low-cost, fixed-fee HR and employment law service from Lewis Silkin, has won Best Innovation in this year’s Working Families Best Practice Awards.

  • Irish employment law - a practical overview

    21 June 2018

    THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED - In this session, the Dublin and London based members of our Irish team will discuss the most important areas of employment law in Ireland and explain how they differ from the position in the UK.

  • Brands & IP seminar: IP for startups

    21 June 2018

    Lewis Silkin invites you to the second event in our 2018 Brands & IP seminar series.

  • Contrôle des investissements étrangers au Royaume Uni

    20 June 2018

    Le Royaume Uni a l’un des régimes les moins restrictifs du monde en matière de contrôle des investissements étrangers. A la veille du Brexit et alors que les investissements étrangers reculent, ce régime va faire l’objet d’une transformation profonde.

  • Ask About...Retail, Fashion and Hospitality

    19 June 2018

    Many of our clients in the retail, fashion and hospitality sector face similar HR issues. Each month one of the members of our team will identify an issue, ask how you would deal with it and provide our advice. This month we asked Laura...

  • Sports Forum: Creating new sports formats: The battle for influence

    19 June 2018

    In our latest forum event, we will look at the commercial, legal and performance dynamics in developing these new sports properties, the key ingredients of success and whether entertainment now trumps performance in the modern sports landscape.

  • Hackers, Judges and Spartacus: Containing a Data Breach with the Court’s Help

    18 June 2018

    Fear of publicity shouldn’t put off organisations from asking the court for help when they’ve been hacked, had data stolen, and are then blackmailed. There’s a range of orders which the English courts are willing to make against anonymous hackers and which, even if those orders are ignored, can be useful when it comes to containing a confidentiality breach – including when it comes to getting stolen data removed from other hosts/publishers, both in England and abroad.

  • High Court dismisses Pimlico plumbers challenge to Deliveroo contract

    15 June 2018

    In the latest development regarding “worker status” and the “gig economy”, and applying this week’s earlier Supreme Court decision in Pimlico Plumbers, the High Court has rejected the Independent Workers of Great Britain trade union application for a judicial review of the Central Arbitration Committee’s decision that Deliveroo riders are not “workers” based on the terms of Deliveroo’s “substitution clause”.

  • Naomi Hanrahan-Soar comments for LexisNexis: New start-up visa could mark ‘shift towards more positive immigration policy’

    15 June 2018

    In an article for LexisNexis, Naomi Hanrahan-Soar discusses the implications of the new visa routes announced by The Home Secretary, adding that it will hopefully ‘mark a shift toward more positive immigration news and policy’.

  • Alex Kelham writes for Sportcal: Top five brand issues at Fifa World Cup

    15 June 2018

    With the Fifa World Cup now under way, Alex Kelham provides advice on the top five issues facing brands over the month to come, in an article for Sportcal.

  • Mock Employment Tribunal - Swindon

    14 June 2018

    In our latest event held in conjunction with Hays, Lewis Silkin invite you to experience all the drama and tension of a tribunal hearing without the responsibility and risk that goes with fighting a real-life case.

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