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  • Lewis Silkin announces new partner

    02 April 2013

    Rebecca Peedell has been appointed partner in Lewis Silkin’s renowned Employment, Reward and Immigration team effective 1st April 2013.

  • Firms are getting cold feet over DBAs

    26 March 2013

    Rachel Rothwell, a regular contributor to the Law Society Gazette and editor of Litigation Funding magazine, has written an article about how 'shoddy drafting of the DBA Regulations is deterring firms from wanting to try them' and how Lewis Silkin's new product, LS ACCESS, will prove particularly useful as it is 'specifically geared towards the new alternative funding agreements'.

  • The state of migration: employing migrant workers

    21 March 2013

    Practice Development Lawyers Samar Shams and Bethan Carney, have contributed to a report for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which explores the trends and the factors that influence employers in recruiting migrant workers. The report discusses issues such as skills shortages, the availability of UK-born workers, and ‘work ethic’.

  • Lewis Silkin launches litigation funding panel with The Judge

    19 March 2013

    Lewis Silkin has launched a litigation funding panel to help clients get cases off the ground in a move that is expected to become increasingly common following the implementation of the Jackson reforms. LS ACCESS will now provide more choice and flexibility than ever before for claimants wishing to pursue litigation, but who face either liquidity and cash-flow constraints or are keen to manage risk. The firm has entered a partnership with litigation funding broker The Judge for the launch. Funders Vannin Capital, Elite Insurance and Therium Capital Management are among the panel members.

  • Lewis Silkin gears up to offer alternative litigation funding arrangements for clients

    15 March 2013

    City law firm Lewis Silkin LLP – in partnership with leading litigation funding broker TheJudge – has announced a new solution which will allow its clients to utilise alternative fee agreements supported by third party funding and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurance in order to fund litigation.

  • Are the courts moving to a more restrictive approach to exclusion clauses?

    12 March 2013

    In an article written for PLC Construction, James Levy discusses a growing trend of more restrictive approaches when it comes to construing the scope of an exclusion clause. The latest example of this can be found in the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Kudos Catering (UK) Ltd v Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltd.

  • Collective agreements and TUPE - more dynamic than you might think

    12 March 2013

    In Beerg's Global Labor newsletter, Katherine Shaw discusses the transfer of employees to another employer under TUPE.

  • Irate RBS bankers could challenge bonus clawbacks

    08 March 2013

    In an eFinancialCareers article, James Davies suggests that the investment bankers who have had their bonuses reduced, or even clawed back, in response to the breaches of others may challenge the decision as it could appear to be legally dubious. James argues that issues arise when bonus clawbacks are used as penalties rather than as recompense for damage done. RBS, which is 82 percent owned by the UK government, announced last week that it was cutting bonuses for 2012 and clawing back bonuses for previous years to cover its £390m Libor fixing fine.

  • Estranged hedge fund couple to meet in court

    06 March 2013

    In their City Diary, the Daily Telegraph have mentioned Lewis Silkin's representation of Ikos co-founder, Martin Coward. Coward's dispute is with his wife, Elena Ambrosiadou, who built up Ikos Partners with him. Ambrosiadou has arrived in London from her Greek-Cypriot home to fight her intellectual property dispute with him.

  • Love and spying among the hedgies

    06 March 2013

    In a Sunday Times article, Lewis Silkin is mentioned as being the firm representing Martin Coward in a dispute with his wife and fellow Ikos Partners founder, Elena Ambrosiadou.

  • Lewis Silkin named one of Britain's best employers for fifth year running

    04 March 2013

    City law firm Lewis Silkin LLP has once again been recognised as one of the UK’s best employers by the Sunday Times’ esteemed ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ survey.

  • FSA Deserves Blame for Missing Libor Rigging, Tyrie Says

    01 March 2013

    In an article for Bloomberg, Owen Watkins said that whilst apportioning some blame to the FSA for missing LIBOR rigging is due to “a large amount of this is politics”, he thought there was “a core of truth" at the heart of it. Owen goes on to question how the "many FSA supervisory visits fail to spot the close links between traders and rate submitters - particularly when the two were often in extremely close physical proximity” . The culture, which was one of "light-touch" regulation, weaker compliance and very narrow views of institutions, may have contributed to the overlooking of the scandal.

  • The Great British immigration scandal

    27 February 2013

    In an article for Management Today, Mary Croydon discusses Silicon Roundabout's rich, cosmopolitan identity but is concerned about the squeezing of entry routes into the UK for overseas talent. Mary goes on to warn that unless companies find ways to overcome these hurdles in order to attract the brightest and the best, it is questionable how long Silicon Roundabout will remain open for business.

  • European carve up

    25 February 2013

    In an article for the New Zealand Rugby Players' Association (NZRPA), Scott Anderson discusses a feud which is threatening the future of Europe’s premier club rugby competition, the Heineken Cup. Although ostensibly about the structure of the Cup, is the dispute really about who can claim a larger slice of the European club rugby revenue pie?

  • It ain't over yet : reflections on recent punishments for LIBOR-rigging

    15 February 2013

    Owen Watkins considers some of the implications of the LIBOR interbank interest rate-rigging scandal in an article for Wealth Briefing.

  • Alex Kelham's appointment is covered in City A.M.

    14 February 2013

    Senior Associate Alex Kelham's appointment has been mentioned in this morning's City A.M. 'City Moves' section.

  • Senior LOCOG lawyer joins Lewis Silkin

    12 February 2013

    Alex Kelham brings Olympic and Paralympic experience to enhance the firm’s sports and brand management expertise.

  • Can we stop our former multichannel director disclosing our strategy to her new retail employer?

    08 February 2013

    James Walters discusses the possibility of former employees disclosing sensitive company information and how best to approach it in an article for Retail Week.

  • EU data protection proposals - implications for employment

    07 February 2013

    Steven Lorber discusses the impact of the Data Protection Regulation for employers, and explains how EU lawmakers are ducking employment issues.

  • Rules of eviction

    07 February 2013

    Paul Hayes encourages Housing Officers to be aware of the recently outlined principles for Article 8 defences, citing a recent case, in an article for Inside Housing.

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