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  • Supporting Firms

    Our dedicated team of lawyers is fully versed in advising firms on all aspects of partnership and LLP law and practice.

  • Lewissilkinhouse GC

    Our Lewissilkinhouse GC service offers senior level, strategic in-house support from both specialist commercial/IP lawyers and specialist employment lawyers.

  • Join Lewissilkinhouse

    We are always interested in hearing from experienced lawyers to join Lewissilkinhouse.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate is about making property work for you, whether it is your core business, or ancillary to it.

  • Real Estate Development

    Our development lawyers bring together the full range of our real estate experience and knowledge, working closely with our client to help plan and deliver the project.

  • Planning

    Planning is the key to opportunities but can also be a minefield. We help our clients achieve their objectives by navigating the complexities of the system.

  • Construction

    Construction and engineering projects are often regarded as complex, involving a tangled web of advisors and contracts, and with a potential pitfall around every corner.

  • JCT training series

    Autumn 2016 saw the launch of the new edition of the popular JCT Design and Build contract.

  • Corporate Occupiers

    Corporate occupiers can have a large and diverse portfolio of real estate.

  • Housing Management

    We act for Landlords, public and private, large and small.

  • For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

    Businesses and entrepreneurs have to deal with increasingly complex tax regulation which is itself a response to an increasingly complex and globalised world.

  • Partnership Tax

    Our partnership tax advisory services complement the wide variety of work we do for partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and the partners or members of those firms.

  • Real Estate Tax

    The pace of change in the world of real estate taxation over the past five to ten years has been extremely rapid.

  • Commercial Tax

    When structuring your commercial arrangements, we think it is important that you understand the tax implications of what you’re entering into.

  • Corporate Tax

    Our tax team advise clients on all kinds of corporate and group matters including business sales and acquisitions, management buy-outs, investments, reorganisations and joint ventures, with an emphasis on clear advice.

  • Registration of Intellectual Property

    For many types of IP, the registration of that IP with the relevant governmental official office provides the owner with the strongest form of protection as it confers a state granted limited monopoly. .

  • Intellectual Property Clearance Searches

    It is important to ensure that any use of a new business name, brand, product or logo is not going to infringe the legal rights of a third party. Failure to do so can lead to expensive and embarrassing rebranding, and so an appropriate search programme is vital.

  • Monitoring Intellectual Property

    Monitoring IP is a core part of our service. Early warnings as to potential third party infringement of intellectual property rights allow prompt action to be taken at a stage when it is usually far quicker and cheaper to resolve the matter and before increasing damage occurs.

  • LSNetminder

    It is now very rare to come across a business without any online presence. As a result, domain names have become a crucial aspect of intellectual property and one which requires careful management.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes

    Intellectual Property assets are frequently seen as being amongst the most valuable assets of a business and as such the volume of disputes that have arisen in the field has grown substantially and the applicable area of law is frequently changing and often complex.

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