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  • Insolvency Disputes

    We regularly act for and against Insolvency Practitioners in contentious matters. Our priority is to give pragmatic and commercial advice at all times.

  • Competition Disputes

    Competition law is a complex but important area of law. The fines that can be levied by competition authorities can be extremely high and private litigation relating to infringements of competition law are becoming increasingly common.

  • Commercial Data

    The commercial data and privacy team provides advice on all aspects of the commercial exploitation and use of personal data and it also advises on contentious privacy matters, including claims arising from data breaches, privacy non-compliance and defamation.

  • Data Audit Services

    Compliance with data protection legislation is necessarily becoming a higher priority for many organisations.

  • Supporting Firms

    Our dedicated team of lawyers is fully versed in advising firms on all aspects of partnership and LLP law and practice.

  • Lewissilkinhouse GC

    Our Lewissilkinhouse GC service offers senior level, strategic in-house support from both specialist commercial/IP lawyers and specialist employment lawyers.

  • Join Lewissilkinhouse

    We are always interested in hearing from experienced lawyers to join Lewissilkinhouse.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate is about making property work for you, whether it is your core business, or ancillary to it.

  • Real Estate Development

    Our development lawyers bring together the full range of our real estate experience and knowledge, working closely with our client to help plan and deliver the project.

  • Planning

    Planning is the key to opportunities but can also be a minefield. We help our clients achieve their objectives by navigating the complexities of the system.

  • Construction

    Construction and engineering projects are often regarded as complex, involving a tangled web of advisors and contracts, and with a potential pitfall around every corner.

  • JCT training series

    Autumn 2016 saw the launch of the new edition of the popular JCT Design and Build contract.

  • Corporate Occupiers

    Corporate occupiers can have a large and diverse portfolio of real estate.

  • Housing Management

    We act for Landlords, public and private, large and small.

  • Partnership Tax

    Our partnership tax advisory services complement the wide variety of work we do for partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and the partners or members of those firms.

  • Internationally Mobile Employees

    Many businesses have international income tax and social security issues to consider.

  • Pensions

    We advise employers on a range of tax issues arising in relation to pension contributions.

  • Employment Tax

    With an increased focus by HMRC on payroll compliance, it is more important than ever that employers understand their PAYE and NIC payment and reporting obligations.

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance requirements for listed companies and firms within the financial services sector have increased substantially in recent years.

  • Workplace Data Privacy Audits

    The General Data Protection Regulations place greater emphasis on the documentation that data controllers must keep to demonstrate compliance. Businesses need to be clearer and more transparent about what data they process and how. The rules around this are changing and the consequences for getting it wrong are far greater.

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