Owen's expertise

 Financial Services

I have been involved in financial services regulation for over 20 years, initially at two past versions of the UK regulator (the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and before that the Securities and Investments Board), more recently in private practice. I advise firms on the scope and application of relevant financial services and other legislation, and the rules of the new UK regulators; The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which can often be detailed and complicated. I regularly redraft client documentation to reflect applicable requirements and to take account of any changes to those requirements.  

 Regulatory & Compliance

I have extensive experience of interpreting regulatory rules, having drafted several parts of the FSA Handbook when I was working for the regulator. I have particular expertise in the rules concerned with marketing (called ‘financial promotion’ by the legislation) and have published frequently on them. One area on which I regularly advise is whether a particular activity requires regulatory authorisation or not.

More generally, I advise on the application of the UK regulators' rules to the businesses of firms and to individuals. This often involves working with colleagues in our Employment Reward and Immigration team in considering the regulatory consequences of an individual leaving a particular job. I review client documentation, compliance manuals, marketing material and third party agreements to ensure that they are compliant with the rules of the FCA and PRA and other applicable law. I also have experience of drafting offering documents and services agreements, and of reviewing prime brokerage and administration agreements.


I advise firms on the scope and application of relevant financial services legislation. This can involve redrafting marketing material, reviewing offering memorandums, or advising on amendments to internal procedures to comply with FCA and PRA rules.    

 Corporate Advisory

I advise on the financial services regulatory aspects of corporate activity. This involves consideration of the scope and application of relevant legislation and the FCA and PRA rules, in particular in relation to offering documentation and other marketing materials.