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Aaron Newell Aaron Newell Managing Associate Trade Marks & Domains
Abi Frederick Abi Frederick Senior Associate Employment
Ailsa Morris Ailsa Morris Managing Associate Employment
Alex Kelham Alex Kelham Managing Associate Sport
Alison Clements Alison Clements Managing Associate Employment
Angela Gill Angela Gill Senior Lawyer Employment
Ann Tyler Ann Tyler Employee Ownership Consultant Reward & Incentives
Anna Bond Anna Bond Associate Employment
Anna Dawson Anna Dawson Senior Lawyer Employment
Anna Sella Anna Sella Senior Associate Employment
Bethan Carney Bethan Carney Practice Development Lawyer Employment
Brinsley Dresden Brinsley Dresden Head of Advertising & Marketing Advertising & Marketing
Bryony Compson Bryony Compson Senior Associate Commercial
Chris Rycroft Chris Rycroft Practice Development Lawyer Intellectual Property
Clive Greenwood Clive Greenwood Joint Head of Partnership & LLP Partnership & LLP
Eleanor King Eleanor King Senior Associate Employment
Emma Delap Emma Delap Managing Associate Employment
Emma Harakis Emma Harakis New Business Advisor Real Estate
Fergus Payne Fergus Payne Joint Head of Partnership & LLP Mergers & Acquisitions
Gagan Ranu Gagan Ranu Senior Associate Dispute Resolution
Gemma Chubb Gemma Chubb Senior Associate Employment
Giles Crown Giles Crown Head of Media Brands & Technology Intellectual Property
Hannah Williams Hannah Williams Senior Lawyer Employment
Hazel Oliver Hazel Oliver Head of Client Training Employment Employment
Helen Samuel Helen Samuel Senior Lawyer Employment
Hilary Burgess Hilary Burgess Senior Lawyer Employment
Iain McDonald Iain McDonald Senior Associate Sport
Ian McDonald Ian McDonald Senior Associate Corporate & M&A
Jackie Bolton Jackie Bolton Trade Mark Attorney Trade Marks & Domains
James Davies James Davies Joint Head of Employment Employment
James Storke James Storke Managing Associate Employment
James Walters James Walters Managing Associate Employment
Jennifer Harryman Jennifer Harryman Senior Associate Employment
Jeremy Summers Jeremy Summers Partner
Jo Evans Jo Evans Head of Corporate Corporate & M&A
Jonathan Ely Jonathan Ely Head of Cardiff Real Estate Real Estate
Kathryn Weaver Kathryn Weaver Senior Associate Employment
Kirstie Allison Kirstie Allison Senior Lawyer Employment
Laura May Laura May Senior Associate Corporate & M&A
Lee Nair Lee Nair Associate Employment
Lorna Scamman Lorna Scamman Senior Lawyer Employment
Lucy Hendley Lucy Hendley Legal Trainer Employment Employment
Madeleine Jephcott Madeleine Jephcott Practice Development Lawyer Employment
Maria Puzitskaya Maria Puzitskaya Consultant
Michael Burd Michael Burd Joint Head of Employment Employment
Neville Turner Neville Turner Senior Lawyer Employment
Nick Shepherd Nick Shepherd Practice Development Lawyer Real Estate
Nicola Mallett Nicola Mallett Practice Development Lawyer Corporate & M&A
Olivia Savage Olivia Savage Managing Associate Technology & Digital
Paul Hayes Paul Hayes Head of Housing Litigation Dispute Resolution
Paula Barry Paula Barry Practice Development Lawyer Dispute Resolution
Pia Sanchez Pia Sanchez Senior Associate Employment
Rebecca Jobling Rebecca Jobling Senior Lawyer Employment
Rebecca Peedell Rebecca Peedell Managing Associate Employment
Rebecca Rule Rebecca Rule Senior Associate Employment
Richard Lister Richard Lister Practice Development Lawyer Employment
Sam Pennington Sam Pennington Senior Associate Corporate & M&A
Samar Shams Samar Shams Practice Development Lawyer Immigration and global mobility
Sarah Bull Sarah Bull Senior Lawyer Employment
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Senior Associate Employment
Shalina Crossley Shalina Crossley Managing Associate Employment
Stephen Cottrell Stephen Cottrell Consultant Sport
Steven Lorber Steven Lorber Consultant Partner Employment
Tarun Tawakley Tarun Tawakley Senior Associate Employment
Tom Coates Tom Coates Head of Litigation Dispute Resolution
Tom Ford Tom Ford Associate Employment
Tom Heys Tom Heys Legal Analyst Employment
Tony Hayes Tony Hayes Legal Assistant Dispute Resolution
Vivienne Cordiner Vivienne Cordiner Managing Associate Corporate & M&A