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Aman Sahota-Dhatt writes for Essential Retail: Smart cities – the benefits for eCommerce operators in the retail industry?

09 November 2017

Aman Sahota-Dhatt has written a piece for Essentail Retail on how smart cities may impact the future of retail.

'One of the trending topics in property circles at the moment is the rather confusing term ‘smart cities’. Whilst there is a great deal of buzz around the topic the main question is what exactly is a ‘smart city’?

Although there is no set definition, there are a number of key examples which show how the world is evolving through technology and how these changes will impact the way in which cities will operate in the future. Whilst some see smart cities as a way of using technology to allow individuals to feel enabled, others see it as a way of using technology to increase efficiencies.'

To read the full article please visit the Essential Retail website.

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