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Diversity & Inclusion

At Lewis Silkin we recognise that a more inclusive workplace allows for a plethora of ideas and thoughts, a variety of points of view that can trigger discussions or deliver innovative results as well as a wide scope of versatile skills and expertise.

We are proud of the diverse range of people within Lewis Silkin and of our workplace culture that allows individuals to be themselves at work, ensuring we provide the best possible service to our clients. The initiatives and projects we support are listed below. 

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Gender Pay Gap Report

At Lewis Silkin we celebrate difference and value all our employees equally. We recognise our people are key to the success of our business, and we are committed to an inclusive workplace that supports our people to achieve their full potential.

To view our Gender Pay Gap Report for 2019, please click here.

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Diversity and Inclusion Board

The Diversity and Inclusion Board has as members Penny Newman, (Chief People Officer) and Partners from each of our two Divisions, Jo Evans and Richard Miskella. The Board meets on a regular basis to develop and oversee policies and practices that support and promote a culture of equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and as part of that:

  • monitor key areas of the firm’s performance (including recruitment, remuneration, retention and progression)
  • raise awareness about the value of diversity and inclusion within the firm and ensure that communication within (and outside) the firm about diversity and inclusion is effective
  • discuss and review diversity and inclusion topics and initiatives, and make recommendations to the Operations BoardLewis Silkin diversity and inclusion enei

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion

Lewis Silkin is legal partner to The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion, the UK's leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace.

The Law Society's Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Lewis Silkin is a signatory to the Law Society's Diversity Charter, the leading diversity initiative of the legal profession. Our membership reflects Lewis Silkin’s commitment to embedding the principles of diversity and inclusion in our internal policies and practices as well as the firm's wider commitment to equality, diversity and equal opportunity in society.

Following our 2017 biennial self-assessment, we are pleased to confirm we have been awarded ‘Gold’ standard (improving on our 2015 ‘Silver’ award). The Gold standard recognises the progress and positive outcomes we have achieved over the last 2 years, in particular recognising the degree to which the firm supports and facilitates flexible working, and our senior level involvement and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Living Wage

We are proud to confirm we are in our third year of accreditation as a Living Wage Employer. As a living wage employer, Lewis Silkin ensure that all employees, aged 18 and over, and including certain classes of contracted staff, are paid at least the living wage.

PrimeLewis Silkin diversity and inclusion Prime

Prime is an alliance of law firms and legal departments across the UK who have made a commitment to broaden access to the legal profession, offering work experience to young people from less privileged backgrounds who might otherwise not have the opportunity to access careers in the legal world. We are actively trying ensure that anyone who wants to enter the world of law has an equal chance to do so, regardless of their background.

LeGalBLewis Silkin diversity and inclusion LegalbestesT

Lewis Silkin is a founder member of the inter-law LGBT network group, LeGalBesT. As well as providing an opportunity for the member firms to pool their resources and knowledge/experiences, the group is committed to enabling positive and supportive workplaces where everybody can feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work.

Rare Contextual Recruitment System

Lewis Silkin Rare Contextual Recruitment System

As part of our trainee recruitment process, we used the Rare Contextual Recruitment System, which uses big data to help us identify candidates with the greatest potential. The system compares the economic and social circumstances of applicants, using information from two databases: one contains the exam results of 3,500 English secondary schools and colleges and the other contains 2.5 million UK postcodes. It then fuses this information and candidates' responses together to produce contextual data on every candidate. The system allows the firm to look far beyond what a more traditional recruitment process might be able to tell us about someone's past achievements and future potential. It helps us to spot exciting talent we might otherwise have missed, and ensure we build an even richer and more diverse staff population.

Disability confident committed

Disability Confident Committed

In April 2018 Lewis Silkin became certified Disability Confident Committed. As part of our commitment we are supporting Mencap by providing work experience to candidates put forward by them. You can find out more about Disability Confident at


More information about some of our more recent diversity initiatives can be found here.


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