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Contractual considerations

Ensuring that a customer proposition and underlying contracts are fit for purpose and don’t fall foul of commercial, consumer or competition laws are tough enough in normal circumstances, but when considering the impact of a pandemic like the coronavirus, we are operating in a situation that has never been experienced before. Working in collaboration with your supply chain and ensuring your contracts are robust but agile is critical. Also, being protected if and when things go wrong is also important.

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RE:Occupy - Managing the reoccupation of your premises

18 November 2020

With a fresh lockdown in place until early December – at least – corporate occupiers are once again faced with considering how best to manage their return to offices. Occupiers have already briefly experienced life back in premises under Covid-measures, including ensuring they, and their landlords, comply with health and safety guidelines, protect against possible contractual or negligence claims from their employees So, who is liable for what?

Contract breaking up is never easy

I didn’t sign up for this! Can parties escape obligations when the deal changes?

28 April 2020

It is estimated that 20% of the world’s population is living under some form of lockdown as various governments roundly seek to combat the spread of Covid-19. The impact has seen businesses forced to adapt to a reality that they would never have envisaged. Measures in the UK have left a variety of sectors reeling as shops have shut, operations have been restricted and events have been cancelled.


HMRC puts its stamp on social distancing

16 April 2020

With vast numbers of people now working remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, HMRC have put in place an electronic process for the payment of stamp duty and stamping of share transfer documents.

Online Sales: how C-19 is changing the logistics landscape, and our top tips for successful logistics arrangements

16 April 2020

C-19 continues to have an unprecedented impact on businesses and is accelerating shift from brick and mortar stores to greater online presence.


Coronavirus - what it actually means for sponsors if 2020’s biggest events are disrupted - Alex Kelham comments for The Drum

11 March 2020

The Tokyo Olympics, Glastonbury, Euro 2020, Cannes Film Festival, SXSW and Cannes Lions. These are some of the major events that hang in the balance as the coronavirus continues its global spread. In this article for The Drum, Alex Kelham comments on how relationships with sponsors will dictate negotiations.


Coronavirus – FAQs for advertisers

11 March 2020

With the number of cases of the coronavirus (Covid-19) continuing to climb, the financial markets are showing signs of strain and some businesses are already feeling the impact of decreased consumer spending in some areas.


Coronavirus and business to consumer (b2c) contracts: what are the implications?

09 March 2020

As Coronavirus fills up our news feeds, attention is turning to the impact it is having in the workplace and, ultimately, on the provision of goods and services that we all buy and sell as consumers.

Stadium Football Seats Empty

Sports Q&A - What should we consider before cancelling a sports event due to Covid-19?

05 March 2020

With the number of cases of Coronavirus continuing to climb, the sports industry is starting to feel the impact. A number of sporting events, such as the Chinese Grand Prix, World Athletics Indoor Championships and Serie A football matches, have been cancelled or postponed. Our Q&A this month sets out some top tips for what you should be thinking about if you're in the unfortunate position of having to consider cancelling an event.

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