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With the rapidly changing status of COVID-19, businesses are facing many urgent and unique challenges.

We want to play our part in helping you, your business and your industry move past them. As a firm, we have already started to advise many of our clients on issues relating to COVID-19 in the UK and internationally through our global relationship with Ius Laboris for employment and immigration and GALA for advertising and marketing, as well as from our offices in Ireland and Hong Kong.

We also have a range of resources available here to help with international business issues relating to COVID-19, including a useful guideon restructuring for international employers, and a Back to Work: Guide for International Employers, produced in conjunction with our international colleagues.

Please click the image below to access the full guide. 


If you have further questions, or if you would like our support or any specific situation related to coronavirus, please do get in touch.

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International approaches to Covid-19 retention and wage subsidy schemes 2021

29 September 2021

Last year in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic Governments across the world introduced arrangements equivalent to the UK’s furlough scheme, aiming to support businesses in retaining employees by subsidising all or some of their salary. We have conducted a follow up survey which reveals significant differences between the remaining schemes still offered, with some schemes already terminated, a variation in subsidised amounts and replacement schemes being introduced.


International requirements for employers when lifting restrictions during Covid-19

13 July 2020

Every country is experiencing different rates and peaks of Covid-19, but as many start to ease restrictions, international employers may need to adopt multiple strategies for returning to places of work, based on the government guidance in each jurisdiction.


Hong Kong’s Employment Support Scheme: further updates and expansions

13 May 2020

On 12 May 2020, the Chief Executive announced further details on the newly implemented Employment Support Scheme as well as further expansions.


International approaches to Covid-19 job retention and wage subsidy schemes

07 May 2020

Governments across the world have introduced arrangements equivalent to the UK’s furlough scheme, aiming to support businesses in retaining employees by subsidising all or some of their salary. Our survey of 28 countries reveals significant differences between the approaches being taken, particularly in relation to the generosity and duration of schemes.


Update on Hong Kong’s Employment Support Scheme (ESS) under the Anti-Epidemic Fund: what we know so far

20 April 2020

On 18 April 2020, the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council gave funding approval for the second round of the anti-epidemic fund. This HKD$137.5 billion fund is set to be spread out over a variety of industries, with one of the main aims being job retention and job creation.


Ireland: Coronavirus - FAQs for employers

17 April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak is rapidly becoming more widespread, raising numerous issues for businesses. We have prepared a comprehensive set of FAQs setting out guidance on all the main questions we are being asked from employers in Ireland.


Covid 19 - Government schemes in other key European jurisdictions

03 April 2020

Many other European governments have introduced schemes, similar to the furloughing scheme here in the UK, with the aim of supporting employers experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and encouraging them to retain staff during the crisis. The below is a brief summary of the schemes in place in the key European jurisdictions.

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