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Re-opening workplaces

How can employers manage workplace safety in a constantly evolving situation?

Employers will be facing many employment law issues concerning health and safety, including which employees should come to workplace, who should stay at home, what happens if individuals don’t want to come to work, and what are your legal obligations when it comes to making the workplace safe. We have a range of materials to help guide you through these questions:

We have a range of materials to help guide you through these questions in line with legal requirements:

1. How to mitigate the risk of employment claims – a table
2. RE: Occupy - Managing-the-re-occupation-of-your-premises
3. RE: Occupy - Real Estate FAQs for Tenants during Covid-19
4. Coronavirus vaccination - FAQs for employers
5. FAQs on workplace policies and decisions for Living with Covid

Please contact us if you have any questions on your obligations as an employer or require any support in relation to Covid-19.

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How to mitigate the risk of employment claims about working during Covid-19 – a table

07 April 2022

Our table for employers sets out the practical steps to take in order to reduce the scope for claims from employees arising out of working during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus – FAQs on staffing decisions throughout the pandemic

14 March 2022

Coronavirus headline

Coronavirus – FAQs on managing safe work throughout the pandemic

14 March 2022

covid test

Workforce testing – FAQs for employers

14 March 2022

Staffing decisions flowchart - March 2021

Staffing decisions when reopening workplaces - flowchart

25 February 2022

We have updated our flowchart to help employers decide which employees should attend their workplace.

Social distance office

Return to the workplace: Making your workplace Covid secure

03 September 2021

In this video Patrick Brown discusses what steps corporate occupiers may need to take when making their offices covid secure.

office floor

Return to the workplace: Discussing enhancements with your landlord

03 September 2021

In this video Patrick Brown covers important points to consider ahead of discussing changes to service requirements of landlords.


Return to the workplace: Dealing with surplus office space

03 September 2021

In this video Patrick Brown sets out options for corporate occupiers who have found themselves with surplus space post pandemic.

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RE: VISITED - The Great Office Occupier / Developer Debate

RE: VISITED - The Great Office Occupier/Developer Debate

In 2021, Lewis Silkin and HCG hosted three separate panel sessions where the views from senior members of the Occupier and Landlord communities were heard on a range of key, current topical issues within the real estate industry. This follow on-series brings together some of the key themes from those sessions in relation to ‘The Great Office Occupier/Developer Debate’ as we reflect on the past year, merging the best of the old ways of doing business with the best of what was learnt during the pandemic.

Return to office checklist

The end of most legal Covid restrictions means back to the office for many. To help businesses navigate this transition, we have created a thorough checklist covering a range of considerations – including premises, employees and data.

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