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Return to office checklist

With all Covid-19 restrictions lifted in the UK on July 19th, many offices will be opening again for the first time since the pandemic began. We have created a free checklist with over 70 things businesses need to consider relating to their premises, employees, and data.

Here is a snippet of the things you might need to take into account:

  • Have you benefited from any form of rent concession to date and would you like it to continue? Have you approached your landlord to renegotiate?
  • What employee data have you decided it is necessary to collect, e.g. temperature checks, self-isolation, shielding, confirmed positive Covid-19 cases, vaccination data, workplace testing, NHS Covid pass etc.?
  • For employees working from home longer term, how will you carry out risk assessments? Will there be any measuring of working hours, controls on overwork or any other measures to help ensure that employees disconnect?
  • Will there be any objection if employees decide to live and work from home more remotely from the base office than now? Will there be any rules about proximity to the office domestically?
  • How will you continue to attract top talent to the business? Is there a concern that moving to a largely remote working environment risks losing out on talent, particularly graduates/those at the earlier stages of their career?

Click here to download the full checklist.

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