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Homeworking and flexible working

Many organisations have needed to move to home-working as a result of lockdown, and remote working is here to stay.

The pandemic has changed not only our place of work, but also how we work, juggling childcare and home-schooling, or working adjusted hours. For many people, the lockdown was the first time they have experienced prolonged home-working and it has been welcomed by large sections of the workforce. Most organisations envisage a post-pandemic hybrid of home and office-based working.

There are various considerations that employers need to bear in mind in relation to home-working, both during lockdown and in the longer term, including employee health and safety, how flexible working requests should be managed, and issues arising where employees wish to work remotely overseas. Employers also need to consider what impact a combination of office-based and remote working will have on their space planning, team management and culture.

Our resources will help employers navigate the legal aspects of flexible and remote working, any changes you may need to make to current policies and planning for working arrangements after the pandemic.

View our webinar on remote working overseas here.

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