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Pitch Protect by LS

We know that creative pitches are often the result of hours, days, weeks or months of painstaking care, creativity and hard work. Original copy and imagery woven together to create something magical. Yes, much of it will automatically be protected as copyright work, but what if someone challenges when it was created, where and by whom?

Our “Pitch Protect” service is a quick and easy way to not only protect your work, but we will also ensure that your pitch opportunity is mutually beneficial and that your creative ideas are unique. 
Pitch Protect is made up of four steps:

 Client Contract  Creative Proposal  AdSlogans  Time Capsule
Have an experienced
lawyer review your
client-agency contract
for any hidden nasties
before you sign.
Allow our experts to
flag any compliance
issues pre-emptively.
Ensure your campaign
slogan is free to be
We will register your creative
work using the WIPO system.
You will then have the token
and file to submit to a court
as proof of exactly when your
work was created.

Time is of the essence – we will reply to your enquiry within one working day with our thoughts.

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