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Sponsoring Workers

It is critical for your HR team to understand how the sponsorship system works and the many duties your business is signed up to by holding a sponsor licence.

If the Home Office finds non-compliance at an audit, you can lose your sponsor licence and therefore, your ability to sponsor workers from outside the UK.  The end of free movement for EEA nationals from 1 January 2021 means that many EEA nationals will require sponsorship. This places even greater emphasis on the importance of being compliant in order to keep your sponsor licence. As part of our broader Immigration solutions for HR, we offer a range of services designed to ensure that you understand the immigration routes for sponsoring workers, your sponsor duties, how your systems should work to minimise the risk of non-compliance, and what you can do to successfully survive an unexpected (or expected) Home Office audit.

Our solutions for sponsor compliance include:

  • Toolkits – a Sponsor Compliance Guide which provides an overview of your duties, suggestions and templates to help you meet them – all in a reader-friendly, concise format
  • Training – practical, in-depth sessions delivered by our expert immigration lawyers and tailored to the structure of your workforce and business, with lots of opportunity for you to get your questions answered
  • Onsite support – we are able to come to your offices to review your compliance as part of a mock audit. The report provided will ensure you have specific feedback on what is working well and includes recommendations for any improvements to put you in the best position to manage and successfully pass a Home Office audit when it happens.

Full details of our Immigration Solutions for HR on Sponsoring Workers are in our flyer.

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13 August 2020

The Home Office has now started to make early contact with sponsors whose licences are due to expire up until the end of the year. These sponsors will be able to apply to renew their licences earlier than the usual maximum 90 days before expiry.

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We recently conducted an employer survey which revealed that only 10% of respondents had made reports on sponsored workers’ conditions changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Home Office laid a new Statement of Immigration Rules (HC 2631) on 9 September, immediately before Parliament was prorogued.

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