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British citizens travelling for business in the Schengen Area

  • 25 January 2023
  • 9:30am - 10:30am GMT
  • Online - Zoom

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To avoid a potential clash with local immigration authorities, UK employers need to be mindful of the applicable rules when they send British staff to the Schengen Area for business. Ensuring compliance will avoid potential penalties, operational disruption and reputational damage.

In this session we will cover some key considerations HR should be aware of when dealing with travel for British employees to the Schengen area, including:

  • The 90/180 day rule for presence in the Schengen Area including practical applications
  • Upcoming developments that will enable European governments to better monitor compliance
  • Assessing whether entry as a visitor is appropriate, and when work authorisation and/or a residence permit is required
  • The implications of inadequate planning or non-compliance
  • Case study: business travel in Belgium
  • Practical guidelines for avoiding problems

Event speakers

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Supinder Singh Sian


I am a Partner in the Immigration & Global Mobility team.

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Simon Albers

Associate, Claeys & Engels

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