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Lewis Silkin and Full Fact present: Tackling misinformation in an open society

  • 07 July 2022
  • 4pm - 5pm
  • Online

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Did you hear about the drinks firm that spent years explaining that it doesn’t sponsor blood sports? Or the bank whose share price was hit by online rumours?

Bad information ruins lives. It damages people’s health, it promotes hate, and it hurts democracy. It’s a tool for hostile nations, and can imperil the UK’s competitive advantage as a stable country to do business in.

Building a business in a world where everybody can have an audience comes with great opportunities and great risks. The brands that are prepared for both sides will win.

This session will help you get ready. It’s led by Full Fact, the charity tackling these problems since 2010. Their team of fact checkers, policy experts and technologists are recognised leaders in this field, their work on everything from politics to the pandemic is used by millions of people and embedded in Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube. Their technology for tackling misinformation at internet scale - backed by - won the global AI for Social Good Impact Challenge.

Will Moy, the CEO, is an optimist. He believes - and says he can prove - that the harm done by bad information can be tackled. It’s up to you to check that claim.

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