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Managing an international workforce: Human beings are political animals – but should they be at work?

  • 16 June 2021
  • 9:30am - 11:00am
  • Online webinar

Recent years have seen a marked increase in political turbulence worldwide. Brexit in the UK and the recent US presidential elections, significant legislative changes including national referendums on same-sex marriage or abortions, and global campaign movements (such as MeToo and BLM) – all have seen their impact felt in the workplace.

In some cases, this has been as a result of our employees expressing (sometimes strongly) their views. But it has also come from companies exercising their corporate muscle to act as instigators for change, and to reflect their brand values. 

This session will involve lawyers from the UK, Europe and APAC who will consider the legal, employee relations and wider reputation issues that arise as a result of: 

  • Employers seeking to ban the expression of political views in the workplace
  • Employees’ personal views resulting in internal conflicts on the key issues of the day
  • Businesses taking a stand on these issues to reflect their company values, only to be challenged from within about their practices, and
  • The risks of being too passive and facing challenges from employees who want to work for a business that reflects their personal values

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