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The Great Occupier/Developer Office Debate: Matching Supply and Demand

  • 28 April 2021
  • 4:00 – 5:00pm
  • Online

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The past 12 months have changed the landscape of the commercial property market in the UK and beyond.

Operational shifts have created new expectations from occupiers and new equations for landlords resulting in rapid changes for the Real Estate sector. Developers and investors have an equally difficult challenge in building and planning for a future, the shape of which is not yet known. Lewis Silkin and Henigan Consulting bring the two sides together in a three part series so that both sides can understand the challenges faced and draw some conclusions. The findings from the series of debates will be issued by Rachel Francis-Lang of Lewis Silkin LLP and Philip Cohen of Henigan Consulting as a White Paper later this year. All registered guests will receive a copy.

Part Three Matching Supply and Demand will identify how the demands and provisions can be aligned for both sides and how the market can come together to align supply with demand.

Chaired by Clare Reddy, a Partner in Real Estate and Construction at Lewis Silkin LLP and Steve Wright, a Lead Consultant at Henigan Consulting.

This session will bring together the views and learning from sessions 1 & 2, a lively debate seeking to align supply and demand and create an evolving model for the commercial property market.

Our panel will be released shortly.

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Rachel Francis-Lang


I am a general real estate lawyer acting for corporate occupiers, investors, financiers and developers and my experience is accordingly ...

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