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...a little bit of law - Data Protection

01 March 2015

Personal information collected by organisations in the housing sector, especially by Registered Providers (RPs), is often extremely sensitive. Therefore, the sector must be particularly scrupulous when it comes to data handling.

Alerted by the findings of its visits to RPs, the UK’s data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has repeatedly warned the housing sector of its powers to fine and punish organisations that breach data protection rules.

Serious breaches of the data protection laws can see organisations facing a fine of up to £500,000 – and potentially, in future, a fine of up to 5% of turnover, if proposed new EU laws get the go-ahead.

If your organisation doesn’t understand and follow the data protection rules, you could be at risk, not only in monetary terms, but also in terms of reputation.

Read '...a little bit of law - Data Protection' here.

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