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Ambush Marketing: our guide to navigating the rules

03 June 2021

With 50 days to go, brands and advertising agencies are buzzing with ideas of how to capitalise on the world's focus finally shifting to the long awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

As it now looks like the Games will go ahead, it's tempting to knock up a quick campaign, but do you know what you can/can't do?

Running an ambush marketing campaign in relation to any event can have it's pitfalls but the Olympics are particularly well protected. To help you navigate the rules we've produced a quick guide to ambush marketing. It provides a deep dive into the rules for Tokyo 2020 and some top tips, but it also gives an overview of the rules applicable to all events. So if football is more your thing and you're thinking of running some ads to tie-in to the UEFA Euros it'll be useful for you too.

You can read/download the guide here, and of course if you have any specific questions, do give us a call.

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