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Job Support Scheme Calculator

29 October 2020

We are still waiting for detailed government guidance and an official calculator for JSS Open, the new support scheme in place from Sunday 1 November. In the meantime, we’ve made our own calculator to give employers an idea of the costs of putting employees into the scheme.

You can download our calculator here.

The new and expanded  Job Support Scheme  (JSS) starts on Sunday 1 November. It replaces the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the furlough scheme) which closes on Saturday 31 October.  There are two parts to the new JSS scheme: JSS open (where the business is operating but employees are working reduced hours) and JSS closed (where employees have stopped work altogether because the premises is required to close). For more details, see our FAQs on the Job Support Scheme.

Our Job Support Scheme Open Calculator

More detailed guidance and a government calculator are expected shortly. In the meantime, employers are trying to get to grips with the costs and available grants associated with putting employees into the JSS open scheme. Based on the information provided so far, we’ve made our own calculator to provide an illustration of how the new JSS open scheme will work for employees contracted for a fixed number of hours and whose pay does not vary according to the number of hours they work.

The calculator calculates the total amount payable for unworked hours under the Job Support Scheme (government and employer contributions). However, the calculator makes a number of assumptions about worked hours and should not be used as a final assessment of the amounts payable to employees within the scheme, but it is intended to provide a helpful at-a-glance estimate.

You can download our calculator here.


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