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Adam Glass

Adam GlassPartner

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I am a Partner in our Disputes Resolution team and have previously been a barrister and in-house media lawyer.

I advise clients across a broad spectrum of legal services especially where the civil and criminal law overlap. I have particular expertise in relation to intellectual property, media, crime, and health & safety issues.

My work may involve regulatory or quasi-regulatory bodies such as the Competition and Markets Authority, the Health and Safety Executive, the Advertising Standards Authority, National Trading Standards, and Collecting Societies.

Typical work ranges across copyright, design right, and trade mark; privacy, libel, harassment, data protection, and breach of confidence; consumer litigation; contract disputes; fraud; h & s prosecutions.

Brands & Intellectual Property

I represent creators, makers and innovators across industries, enforcing or protecting rights such as copyright; trade mark; design right; confidential information or trade secrets; and anti-counterfeit measures.


I advise individuals, publishers, and businesses on Defamation; Reputation Management; Privacy; Harassment; Data Protection; breach of Confidence; and pre-publication clearance.

Crime & Investigations

I advise individuals and businesses on issues arising from workplace misconduct such as theft; fraud; indecent images; bribery; blackmail; money laundering; proceeds of crime.

I work closely with my Employment colleagues in our specialist Investigations & regulatory practice; providing advice on reputational and criminal issues arising from such instructions.

Health & Safety

I defend businesses in relation to HSE and Local Authority investigations. This can include:

  • advice on dealing with Improvement and Prohibition Notices;
  • the application of H&S legislation on workforce practice;
  • representation through each stage of an HSE investigation and any subsequent court prosecution.


Awards and Recognition

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