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AdSlogans Client Slogan Submission

The slogans you create are your work that you deserve recognition for. AdSlogans is a unique database that recognises the importance of those lines that are often not registered as trade marks.

It is a resource used by responsible agencies wishing to avoid those embarrassing moments where a campaign is hit by a claim that the idea isn’t new and worse still is associated with someone else. By adding your lines to the database you are helping to ensure that when other agencies are creating work, they can clearly see your line and the sector it was used for. The hidden benefit of this is the saving in potential time and legal expenses to protect your reputation and your clients Intellectual Property.

Please note that this is a tool for the submission of lines that are in actual use. Do not use this form to submit confidential information. Do not use it to submit work that has not been signed off by your client or otherwise put into the public domain.

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Media coverage from Lewis Silkin's acquisition of Adslogans

12 April 2018

The announcement that Lewis Silkin has acquired Adslogans has sparked media interest, including comment from our Trade Mark and IP Portfolio Management Partner, Dominic Farnsworth.

Dominic Farnsworth comments for The Global Legal Post: Lewis Silkin acquires slogan company to expand trade mark and brand services

11 April 2018

In an article for The Global Legal Post, Dominic Farnsworth states the acquisition of Adslogans will "offer a seamless and value-adding service to clients looking for added peace of mind on branding projects and campaigns."

Lewis Silkin acquires Adslogans to expand trade mark and brand services

10 April 2018

Top 100 UK law firm Lewis Silkin LLP today announces the acquisition of the specialist global marketing slogan search and resource provider, Adslogans, as the firm continues to expand and diversify its market-leading suite of legal and complementary non-legal services to brand owner community and the creative industries.


‘Just Do it’; ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’;‘Every Little Helps’: Straplines and slogans constitute some of the most iconic branding created, yet checking that a new line has not been previously used poses particular difficulties from a brand clearance perspective. AdSlogans is a long established and unique specialist search tool designed to meet this need.

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