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Franchising, Licensing & Concessions

Our dedicated commercial lawyers advise leading retailers and other brand owners on all aspects of franchising, licensing, merchandising and concession arrangements. We also have the advantage of being specialists in the exploitation and protection of IP assets.

We advise some of the world’s best known retailers and other brands across our core sectors. Our lawyers in this area have a particular focus on the retail, fashion, leisure and advertising and marketing sectors.


We can help not only to draft and negotiate contracts, but also to navigate through the pros and cons of different models and strategies as well as the legal and regulatory issues, enabling you to focus on your business objectives.


We work with our clients to advise on issues such as:

  • structuring (in the UK and internationally)
  • brand protection
  • competition law, including pricing controls, exclusivity, exclusive supply obligations and
    on-line sales restrictions
  • IP issues such as exhaustion, parallel imports and grey markets

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