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  • Lewis Silkin advises Engine management on sale to Lake Capital


    11 August 2014

    Lewis Silkin has advised the senior management team of The Engine Group on its sale to a portfolio company of Lake Capital, subject to shareholder approval.

  • Obesity: one size no longer fits all after European case


    24 July 2014

    Ellen Temperton has been quoted in an article by The Times on obesity discrimination.

  • Pensions: enrolment and partnerships


    10 July 2014

    In an article for The Law Society Gazette, Clive Greenwood and Christopher Hitchins examine the issue of LLPs auto-enrolling its members.

  • Lewis Silkin has contributed to Corporate Livewire's Expert Guide 2014


    30 May 2014

    James Davies and Tarun Tawakley have contributed to Corporate Livewire's Expert Guide on Labour & Employment Law 2014. 

  • Will British Gas ECJ ruling fuel holiday pay hike?

    29 May 2014

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently ruled that the EU law requires a worker’s statutory holiday pay to take commission payments into account: it should not be based solely on basic salary

  • Silver Lining - age discrimination back in the spotlight


    25 April 2014

    In a new article for Solicitors Journal, Lee Nair and James Davies discuss the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of the ban on age discrimination and the impact a new statutory code will have.

  • Would raising the minimum wage to the living wage increase unemployment?


    24 April 2014

    In an article for Personnel Today, Hannah Price examines whether raising the minimum wage to the living wage would increase unemployment.

  • UK 'loses control' of immigration


    23 April 2014

    Andrew Osborne has been quoted in an article by The Times on the UK's overcomplicated immigration rules.

  • Data protection - a contextual approach to regulation


    07 April 2014

    Steve Lorber identifies some fundamental problems with the way that Europe approaches data protection regulation and makes some tentative suggestions as to how that approach might be developed in practice, particularly in the context of employment.

  • Stay abreast of whistle-blower protections in the EU


    06 March 2014

    In an article for the Society for Human Resource Management, Kathryn Weaver relays her thoughts on the UK's "advanced classification", given to it in a Transparency International report on anti-corruption.

  • The Immigration Bill and sham marriages


    14 February 2014

    In an article for The Law Society Gazette, Samar Shams discusses the new measures on sham marriages and civil partnerships arising from the new Immigration Bill.

  • Muslim Staff Policy: How Religious Freedom Fits in the Workplace


    23 December 2013

    Commenting in an International Business Times article, James Davies discusses flaws in the definition of indirect discrimination after cases where a major retailer faced public fury when it was revealed the company allowed shop assistants the right to refuse to sell alcohol and pork products and a Christian worker at British Airways was asked to cover up a necklace which depicted a cross.

  • Merry whatever


    19 December 2013

    In an Economist article, Tom Heys comments upon recent rulings on religious beliefs and how even conventional legal definitions of religion are getting murky.

  • Trader loses 'ludicrous' case against dismissal


    12 December 2013

    Commenting in an article for The Times, Michael Anderson discusses the recent sacking of an oil trader who was dismissed after a heavy night of drinking.

  • Zero-hours work ‘equals a happy work-life balance’


    26 November 2013

    In a Times article, Lewis Silkin has been mentioned regarding the survey conducted in conjunction with the CIPD on zero-hours contracts.

  • French police put together case against Ikea bosses


    21 November 2013

    After the revelation that two senior executives from Ikea’s French business and a former head of the company were charged with illegally using police files to snoop on staff and customers, Ellen Temperton discusses legal ways to obtain information about a candidate's or existing employee’s criminal past in a Times article.

  • Religious symbols at work: Lift high the cross


    21 November 2013

    Commenting in an Economist article, Tom Heys discusses the difficulty employers face when weaving their way through law relating to religious jewellery at work.

  • Barclays scrambles to plug staff gap after suspensions


    05 November 2013

    In a Wall Street Journal article, Toni Lorenzo discusses the fate of the six currency traders suspended by Barclays last week amid a probe into possible manipulation of foreign-exchange markets.

  • Poundland judgment neither a surprise nor a victory


    04 November 2013

    Following her comments on the Supreme Court’s ‘back to work’ judgment last week, Carla Davidson's subsequent article on the case is featured in HR Magazine.

  • UK’s Supreme Court rules ‘workfare’ legally flawed


    31 October 2013

    In a Financial Times article, Carla Davidson comments upon a Supreme Court ruling that the Government's controversial back to work schemes, which require jobseekers to work for free or risk losing their benefits, were legally flawed.

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