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What a Labour government means for legal migration

05 July 2024

In our post-election episode on The Agenda podcast, two of our Immigration Partners, Supinder Sian and Naomi-Hanrahan Soar take stock of what Labour has promised policy-wise on legal migration to the UK – a more evidence-led and cross-government approach to managing the numbers, as well as more closely linking immigration sponsorship with industrial strategy. They also share their views on digitalisation of the system, cost and other areas that should be top of the agenda for the incoming government.

You can sign up to our webinar in September here where we will be going into more detail once the government has had more time to share more detailed immigration policy announcements.

Take a look at our Labour Policy hub where you can find more on the policy implications for employers across immigration and employment, data and more.


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Following the recent election, the Labour Party has come into power.

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