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Labour Policy Impact Hub

Following the recent election, the Labour Party has come into power.

Employment law and immigration were central themes in the party's manifesto, and we can now expect significant legislative changes in these areas. Our Labour policy impact hub features our detailed analysis of the expected reforms and their likely implications for businesses. We’ll be keeping our hub updated as the new government reveals more details.

Labour policy dashboards:

Immigration implications

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we'll discuss the implications of the new Labour Government, including any developments during the parliamentary summer recess.

Data implications

Tax implications

Digital, Commerce and Creative implications

Advertising and Marketing implications 

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Digital, Commerce and Creative

Data, Privacy and Cyber



Advertising and Marketing

Tax, Rewards and Incentives

Key Contacts

Sally Hulston, Partner

Colin Leckey, Partner

Andrew Osborne, Partner

Alan Hunt, Partner

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