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Technology & Communications

Few industries evolve more quickly than technology and communications, so protecting proprietary data and innovations, securing skilled staff, maximising contractual relationships and exploiting brand assets are critically important.

Our specialist technology team has a proven track record across all operational and strategic areas of our clients’ businesses, supporting some of the most celebrated global brands in the sector as well as innovative startups with the Cube by Lewis Silkin – our dedicated legal support for the unique challenges faced by startups, founders and investors. Our job is to help the players stay ahead of the game, providing legal and commercial advice which is as focused and forward-thinking as they are.

Technology and communications is a core sector for us, so we continue to invest heavily to ensure we provide market leading legal advice that helps our clients to stay at the cutting edge. Our specialists regularly advise on technology transactions ranging from cloud solutions, cross-border digital regulation, content sharing, managed services and outsourcing, to data protection, cyber security and public and private fundraising, as well as the employment, and intellectual property issues that keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly.

You can view our latest two Technology blog posts below and our full blog here.

Cube by LS

Legal and business support for startups, founders and investors.

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Join our webinar 'introduction to NFTs' if you would like a basic introduction to NFTs.


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