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Professional Services

When it comes to advising “the advisers”, it’s not just legal expertise that clients need – it’s also practical business support to help them operate more efficiently and effectively.

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As professional services firms look to recruit and retain the best talent, establish optimal structures and technologies, and differentiate themselves from the fierce competition, they require lawyers like us who can guide them with insight, acumen and integrity.

With good reason, we have often been referred to as “the lawyer’s lawyers.” Over half the UK’s Top 30 law firms choose to instruct us, as do many other legal firms - from small boutiques to international practices.  We also routinely advise leading firms of accountants, consultants, architects, engineers and surveyors.  That such a discerning audience put their trust in us is a testament both to the fact that we add value, and to our specialist, pragmatic expertise.

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If you refuse to even try and settle a dispute – there will be consequences

29 September 2020

All businesses are suffering from the effects of Covid-19 and the various measures being taken to combat the spread of the virus. Disputes are continuing to rise and contracting parties remain desperate to ensure that they receive their contractual entitlements without delay – particularly payment.


Business Interruption Insurance Claims - The Court Gives a Boost to Business

25 September 2020

Many businesses making claims under business interruption insurance policies for losses resulting from business closures, due to the Covid pandemic and restrictions imposed by the Government, suffered a rejection of such claims by many of the insurance companies. Although the insurance companies would base those rejections on interpretations of the wording of the specific policy and the facts on which a claim was based, it was apparent that a number of common grounds were being used by the insurance industry to reject claims.


COVID-19 advice for corporate occupiers

22 June 2020

Commercial tenants – whether occupying offices, retail premises, industrial units or other property - face potentially existential questions arising out of their landlord and tenant relations, how to manage cashflow and outgoings as revenues dry up, premises shut down and uncertainty reigns.

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A Deed of Retirement doesn’t always protect a retiring partner

09 June 2020

It’s not unreasonable to think that if a partner retires from a limited liability partnership (“LLP”) under the terms of a Deed of Retirement which contains a waiver and release clause, that partner will not be subjected to claims for any liabilities to the LLP.

Covid 19 - EMI options

Deferring tax to January 2021 – a word of warning to management teams and partners

05 May 2020

In seeking to survive the coronavirus lockdown, partners and management teams at many professional services firms will have welcomed the package of support provided by the UK Government, including the proposal that on account tax payments due by 31 July 2020 may be deferred until 31 January 2021.

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Subject access in a professional services context

22 April 2020

Data subject access requests made to professional services firms can raise some particularly difficult issues. This article considers the problems that can arise and how firms can navigate the potentially available exemptions.


Does the management team of a professional services firm have the power to deal with an extended lockdown?

17 April 2020

Like all other businesses, professional services firms are feeling the effect of the coronavirus outbreak and are having to take steps to ensure survival in a world of mass remote working, empty offices, a decline in clients seeking services and increasing financial pressures.

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