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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, social and governance issues are currently one of the biggest priorities for all organisations around the world.

Driven by a collective desire to create a sustainable and responsible world, good ESG practices have increasingly become a key consideration for an organisation’s investors, customers and their people. Furthermore, embedding strong ESG values within a business has shown to have a positive impact on the ability to attract and retain people, further a company’s brand value and increase innovation.

We support clients in developing their ideas and enabling a positive change in their environment and communities. We work with our clients to deliver their ESG agendas, understanding their corporate strategy, managing risk and opportunities and maximising possibilities.

Drawing on our experience of working with innovative and creative businesses and some of the world’s largest employers, as well as our own internal ESG experiences, we can help you:

  • Enhance your environmental practices, marketing and policies to complement and protect your internal and external brand
  • Develop working practices that anticipate and meet people’s evolving and diverse interests, needs and ideas
  • Establish and maintain rigorous governance procedures across your business to protect your future

Find out more about how we can help businesses keep up to date with the rapidly evolving legislative ESG space:

To read about upcoming ESG - related events, click here.

To find out about Lewis Silkin’s ESG initiatives for our people, communities and the environment click here.


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biophilic designs

It’s a jungle out there: Biophilic design in the workplace

29 September 2023

As the summer draws to an end and we contemplate the darker, winter months ahead cloistered within our workplaces, many might yearn for the connection with nature and the outdoors they’ve enjoyed over their holidays and sunny weekends. Biophilic office design is one way we can achieve a re-connection with nature: a design principle that places nature at its centre and focuses on bringing the outside indoors.

Towards Net Zero in London's Bankside Yards

22 September 2023

Overlooking the iconic St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern, Lewis Silkin hosted another fantastic ESG focused event “FutuRE Proofing the Office: Journey to Net Zero”. The event, held at the stunning new Lewis Silkin office with its panoramic 360-degree views, brought together Native Land, the Carbon Trust, Lewis Silkin, and a group of invitees from across various business sectors. The purpose? To engage in a conversation about proactive strategies for future-proofing buildings, achieving net-zero emissions, and enhancing landlord’s and tenant’s sustainability credentials.


FutuRE Proofing the Office: Journey to Net Zero

19 September 2023

Join us in conversation with Native Land and Carbon Trust to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the real estate journey to net-zero.

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Hotels: Cleaning the air – green trends in the hotel industry

01 September 2023

Fuelled by the climate crisis, green-minded stakeholders are applying ever-increasing pressure on hotel companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This is not surprising given that, according to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the carbon emissions generated per room per night in UK hotels are as high as 10.4 kg CO2e.

A&M webinar - Giving the green light to green claims

15 June 2023

This webinar will help you navigate the current requirements when it’s time to talk green.

SDR implementation: Taking the time to get it right: Wendy Saunders writes for Professional Adviser

15 May 2023

In October 2022, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published consultation paper CP22/20 Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels. The consultation closed in January 2023. In this update we set out a broad overview of matters covered by the consultation, how it fits into the broader ESG regulatory landscape, where we are now and next steps.

Corporate Building

Corporate Governance for UK companies – are you meeting statutory reporting requirements?

28 April 2023

ESG remains a “hot topic”; this year, the Environmental pillar has been a key area of focus. Governance, the third pillar in the ESG framework, has not received the same level of attention, but is important for companies in the UK to consider, as they may be subject to corporate governance reporting requirements if they meet certain criteria.

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CMA launches consultation on its draft environmental sustainability guidance

12 April 2023

The CMA is consulting on its draft guidance on the application of the Chapter 1 prohibition in the Competition Act 1998 (which prohibits agreements between businesses that restrict competition in the UK) to environmental sustainability agreements.

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