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Corporate Finance

Our market-leading practice acts for founders, companies and investors (including private wealth vehicles, venture funds and banks) at every stage of a company’s development.

This practice is international in character – many of our clients are not based in the UK - and goes right through to trade exit or IPO, and beyond.

Deal structuring is a key part of what we do. Not only does this include heads of terms and definitive documents that are needed to carry out the investment, but also specialist tax advice.

Our daily diet includes:

  • convertible loans, KISS and SAFE
  • subscription agreements
  • shareholders' agreements and investment agreements
  • options
  • articles of association
  • ancillaries (including intellectual property and employment)

We have robust market knowledge and strong industry relationships which we use as reference points for targeted advice and referrals.

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US/UK M&A: Introduction

21 September 2021

One of the constant themes of mid-market M&A in the UK is the significant activity generated by US-based buyers acquiring British targets. The US is, by some distance, the single largest holder of foreign direct investments (FDI) in the UK (holding over US$800bn), and those investments represent around 12% of total global US FDI holdings and around 25% of total US FDI in Europe. That translates into a constant stream of acquisition activity here in the UK by both corporate and financial buyers from the US seeking either to expand their access to transatlantic markets or to access British technology and products.

US/UK M&A: Risk Allocation

21 September 2021

In our second article in the US/UK M&A series, we explore deal certainty and the different appetite for, and measures that are used to apportion risk between the parties.

US/UK M&A: Price Adjustment Mechanisms - The Locked Box

21 September 2021

The pros and cons of the ‘locked box’

Corporate Building

Lewis Silkin has advised BGF on a £14 million investment in Victorian Sliders.

03 September 2021

Lewis Silkin has advised BGF on a £14 million investment in Victorian Sliders, a South Wales based business which is the UK’s only fully integrated, specialist manufacturer of uPVC sash windows.

stocks prices

SPACs post-Hill: a blank cheque to growth?

29 March 2021

Lord Hill published the “UK Listing Review” on 3 March 2021. This proposed 15 recommendations to the UK Listing regime. This article focuses on those which we all hope may result in a greater number of SPAC listings in London.


Lewis Silkin advises Metapraxis on investment from Avant Corporation

05 March 2021

Lewis Silkin has advised financial software analytics firm Metapraxis on an equity investment and secured convertible loan facility from Avant Corporation.


Lewis Silkin advises Sideshow Group on its significant investment from Waterland Private Equity

02 March 2021

Lewis Silkin has advised Sideshow Group, the award-winning independent digital agency on its significant investment from Waterland Private Equity (“Waterland”) to support its ambitious growth plans.

Financial Services

The Future Fund: can it be both a success and a failure?

29 May 2020

The UK Government opened its Future Fund for applications on 20 May. It is widely reported that on the first day applications for its matched funding exceeded £500m. These applications are to be processed and, if successful, funds are to be released within 21 days. This all sounds impressive, but there are siren voices. Why is that?

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