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AI has been all over the headlines in recent months. Generative AI can already produce written content, images and music which is often extremely impressive, if not yet perfect – and it is increasingly obvious that in the very near future, AI’s capabilities will revolutionise the way we work and live our lives.

What are the legal implications of AI?

The rapid development and uptake of AI has taken place against a backdrop of legal uncertainty, with many potential legal and regulatory issues arising from its use.

In relation to generative AI, questions include the extent to which the creation and use of AI models is consistent with the rights of those whose creative works have been used to ‘train’ the models. Litigation has commenced in the US and in the UK which may provide some clarity on the legality of AI image generation tools. But the question to consider at the outset is this: how exactly do these tools work and how does the law apply to the content they create.

Our specialist knowledge

Creativity, technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at Lewis Silkin. Our team of experienced lawyers is well-equipped to navigate the legal complexities and implications of the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

From startups to multinational corporations, we provide tailored legal solutions to the legal challenges posed by AI technology. We advise on a wide range of matters, including workplace usage policies, algorithmic discrimination, ethics, privacy issues surrounding data sources.

If you would like to arrange a bespoke event on AI please get in touch; this can be organised via LS Presents.

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