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Intellectual Property

In today’s world, the importance, complexity and diversity of intellectual property means having a co-ordinated global IP strategy with a consistent approach across the registration, management, commercialisation, defence and enforcement of all your IP assets, has never been more critical. IP has increasingly become the essential ingredient for creating competitive advantage, innovation and future growth.

To achieve this, your IP advisers need to partner with you to achieve your commercial objectives with high levels of expertise and first-rate client service in a cost-effective way. That involves having a deep understanding of your business and the sector you operate in, helping you create a clear and forward-looking IP strategy making full use of available technology all with the greatest possible cost certainty and return on your IP investment. 


This is why we have created ‘IP360’, developed from working with household name brands, which brings together our highly regarded full-service IP expertise, with our own in-house trade mark and patent attorneys alongside our specialist contentious and commercial IP lawyers, delivered to you by our friendly, commercial and solutions-focussed IP professionals from our offices in the UK, EU and Hong Kong in a radically new and cost effective way which we believe is without parallel in the market.



We help clients ensure that their brand is actively managed and defended, from the inception of an idea through value analysis, global IP protection and exploitation, concept roll-out, commercialisation, dealing with disputes and beyond. Our proprietary ‘Adslogans’ database helps our clients identify prior use of any desired advertising line.  

Trade Marks

Our in-house trade mark team manages portfolios for many household name multi-national companies, advising on efficient trade mark filing strategies, anti-counterfeiting, providing watching services and dealing with oppositions and disputes, including acting in some of the most cutting-edge trade mark cases of recent times. 


Our Patent Attorneys help our clients protect their innovations through a thorough understanding of the inventive technology and the commercial strategy of their business, all in a commercial and accessible way. They can also provide competitor insights and help avoid challenges through freedom to operate analysis. 


Domain names are a crucial aspect of intellectual property, but the registration and protection of domains can be lacking. We help our clients to ensure that their domains do not fall into the wrong hands and proactively assist with the management of domain portfolios and dealing with ever more frequent malicious attacks such as cybersquatting and phishing.


We ensure our clients benefit from the widest possible IP protection by making full use of unregistered and registered designs. Our attorneys manage design portfolios alongside and complementary to our clients’ trade marks and patents.  

Confidential information

Confidential information is often an undervalued IP asset, but is used by many businesses to protect their essential business secrets; we help our clients do so in the most secure way possible and act decisively when their confidential information is threatened.


We assist our clients with the protection and exploitation of their creativity across the full range of copyright and related areas such as database, performance and moral rights, including monetisation of copyright through commercial collaborations and effective enforcement.   

We recognise IP doesn’t sit in a vacuum, so this full-service IP support is complemented by expertise in related areas including commercialdispute resolution (civil and criminal), datatechreputation managementcompetitiontax and employment delivered from our offices in London, Cardiff, Dublin & Hong Kong as well as using our tried and trusted worldwide network of specialist law firms sand attorneys.  Our specialist sector focus groups include advertising & marketingmedia & entertainment, technology & telecomsretail hospitality & leisuresports and financial services, allowing us to combine our IP expertise with deep knowledge of our clients’ industries.

Click here to read more about our IP360 offering.


From the 1st January 2021 European Union trade marks and registered community designs will no longer cover the EU. Please review our full briefing note or shorter Q&A on the impact of Brexit on your IP.  Lewis Silkin opened an office in Dublin three years ago and has Irish qualified IP practitioners. Consequently, Brexit does not affect our ability to represent clients in respect of EUTMs and Registered Community Designs, whether acting before the EUIPO or in EU litigation. Our Dublin office also handles domestic Irish IP work.

IP360 Time Capsule

The IP360 Time Capsule is our newest offering designed to help protect your original creative work that falls through the gaps of other registration systems, such as patents, trade marks and registered designs. Trying to prove how long ago you created something, often the result of hours, days, weeks or months of painstaking care, creativity and hard work, is not normally easy.  IP360 Time Capsule could be the solution. Click here to find out more.

You can view our latest two Intellectual Property blog posts below and our full blog here. 

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