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Employment Tribunals

There is never a good time to face an Employment Tribunal claim.

But when it happens, it’s important to entrust your matter to a legal team who:

  • Has seen it all before. There aren’t many Tribunal litigation issues, no matter how obscure, that we haven’t come across before and can’t bring our experience to bear on
  • Understands the difference between a routine matter and a “bet the farm” claim, and allocates resources to match
  • Realises that, while litigation might be our day job, it isn’t yours and guides you through the process – from pleadings to disclosure through witness statements and on to the full hearing – as smoothly and effortlessly as possible
  • Always has its eye on the commercial objective, knowing when the time is right to go in “all guns blazing”, and when an expertly negotiated exit is the best way forward

We can handle the whole range of Employment Tribunals claims and have particular expertise in:

  • Complex and sensitive discrimination and whistleblowing claims
  • Equal pay
  • Unfair dismissal, including the various types of automatic claim
  • Protective award claims under TUPE and TULR(C)A, and TUPE employee liability information disputes
  • Unlawful deductions from wages
  • Breach of contract
  • Dismissal and detriment for trade union membership and activities
  • Agency worker disputes

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Employment Tribunal rulings on Covid-19 issues – what can we learn?

02 September 2021

The pandemic required many employers to make difficult decisions in unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances, giving rise to concerns this would lead to a deluge of Employment Tribunal claims. We look at some of the early cases to see what lessons can be learnt when planning for a return to work.


Whistleblowing claims

09 June 2021

Whistleblowing claims are among the most difficult and dangerous types employment litigation that a business may face.


Employment Tribunal quarterly statistics - a glimpse of things to come?

17 March 2021

The Ministry of Justice has released its quarterly report on the Employment Tribunal statistics for the period from October to December 2020, providing a fascinating glimpse into the claims landscape as the economic effects of Covid-19 unfold.

Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunals - will this winter see a flurry of claims?

07 October 2020

Imminent changes in Employment Tribunal procedures are likely to reduce case backlogs and lead to claims progressing to a hearing more quickly in a climate in which employment disputes are increasing. How will this affect employers?

office floor

How is Covid-19 affecting Employment Tribunals?

27 August 2020

Covid-19 has created a significant backlog problem in the Employment Tribunal. Employers are increasingly likely to see claims relating to furlough and/or a safe return to work, and many hearings will be dealt with remotely.

Employment Tribunal

Law Commission proposes increased powers for Employment Tribunals

05 May 2020

A major new report on reform of Employment Tribunal hearing structures by the Law Commission includes various significant proposals on how employment and discrimination cases should be heard, time limits for bringing claims and compensation for breach of contract.

Dismissal unfair where investigating manager was motivated by dislike of employee's union activities

03 December 2019

An employee was unfairly dismissed because the disciplinary process was manipulated by a manager who was motivated by dislike of the employee’s trade union activities, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) has confirmed. This was despite the fact that neither the disciplinary nor appeal manager was influenced by prejudice against union activities.

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